Max 8.0.3 Released

    Jan 08 2019 | 6:04 pm
    We are happy to announce the release of Max 8.0.3. This update is limited in scope and focuses on regression bugs, follow throughs on a few Max 8 features, and issues related to Max For Live. Take a look at the change log below, and, as always, you can download the installers here:
    New Features: • mc.ifft~: added MC version • mc.plugin~: @chans attribute (like mc.plugout~)
    Fixed Bugs: • dialog: fixed colors of Windows version (follows Theme) • jit.cellblock: fixed crash on clear all when using refer to coll • fixed crash when opening text editor with shader that has errors • Jitter: fixed crash when processesing XML • Max For Live: fixed MIDI output after opening device in editor • MC Wrapper: accepts ints in inlets • mc.dac~ arguments no longer ignored • mc.gradient~: fixed crashes • node.script: improved finding .js files in amxds • regexp: fixed intermittent crash with empty symbol replacement • scope~: fixed issues with intermittent drawing • signal probe: fixed potential crashes if object is deleted • sqlite: fixed db errors when using certain characters in an object box • vst~: fixed right channel input for some plugs • vst~: generic controls are visible in presentation mode

    • Jan 09 2019 | 5:47 pm
      Hello Ben, unfortunately the Closebang object still does not work if it is in a subpatcher. (Max For Live) Reported on December 10th
    • Feb 06 2019 | 2:52 pm
      Hello! It was mentioned in release note that few jit. objects are no longer supported. Is there any new objects to replace them?
    • Feb 07 2019 | 2:25 am
      This list of unsupported objects is not new. Compare it with the (almost) the same list in Max 7 release notes: Around five years ago Max switched from QT engine to AVF engine, leaving several 32-bit objects not supported. No, there is no direct replacement for them, but most of their functionality is covered by other objects.