Max 8.0.6 Released

    Jun 11 2019 | 4:47 pm
    We are happy to announce the release of Max 8.0.6. Take a look at the change log below and download the installers here:
    Enjoy! Ben
    New Features: • Font Panel: custom font window (pref on Mac for OS font panel) • Fonts: limited emoticon support • Fonts / Packages: fonts folder for custom Package Fonts • live.toggle/live.text: enter key inverts value (as the native Live UI does) • mcp.sfplay~: independent control of N sfplay~ objects (outputs one MC signal) • mgraphics: 'setsvg' method to load SVG from file or string • Node For Max: MAX_ENV environment variable to determine runtime environment of the JS script • Patching: preference to enable patcher scrolling with arrow keys • vst~: @prefer attribute to select a preferred plug-in format • xctlin/out: @lsbfirst attribute
    Fixed Bugs: • ad_rewire: fixed MIDI driver • attrui: fixed crash when connected to comment in displaymode 2 • attrui: fixed keyboard input when display mode is not automatic • BEAP: fixed keyboard module • comment: patching_rect respected when scripted (ie About Max window) • detonate: fixed crash when moving selected notes • Font panel: can be typed in (Windows) • Font Panel: Lato and Ableton Sans are available (Windows) • fontlist: returns all font face+style combinations (Windows) • Fonts: fallback font improvements (Mac) • Fonts: fixed rendering of many characters • Fonts: object box width no longer changes when font is changed (Windows) • function: fixed crash when clicking/dragging while lists incoming • Gen: calculation of large values no longer produces errors • Gen: does not generate code for inputs when no inlets are present • Help patcher tabs: fixed crash when clicking on + icon to show hidden tabs • ITM: minimum positive values (metro interval minimum is 0.1ms) • Japanese Installer: Japanese characters are rendered (Windows) • JS: console post no longer adds extra lines • fixed getmaterial_dict crash (Windows) • jit.pwindow: appropriately hidden when changing view to tabbed patcher (Windows) • jit.pwindow: fixed crashes when changing rect due to changing DPI (Windows) • jit.window: fixed crash with rect message / DPI issues (Windows) • jit.window: improvements for multi-monitor setups (Windows) • JS: fixed error: method pushcontextframe called on invalid object (M4L Chooser, etc) • limi~: fixed crash when changing lookahead • live.* UI objects: improvements to make value output consistent • live.path: outputs properly when in a subpatcher that is in a poly~ • loadbang / freebang / patcher load: general improvements • mapping: relative mode improvements • Max For Live: audio fades in/out when editing devices • Max For Live: fixed crash when freeing cached genpatcher • Max PlugIn Scanner: safeguard against bad XML in plugin names • maxdb: fixed issues when dequeuing tags • Node For Max: Improved Documentation • OpenSSL: updated version • Package Manager: File Browser window is no longer blank after uninstall and restart • slider/dial: updating range works • standalone: fixed namespace issues with Max objects and node_modules files • standalone/projects: embedded folders work (Windows) • Styles: border color and text color are saved when modified • vst~: multiple channel layouts support

    • Jun 12 2019 | 7:42 am
      Wow! It's a lot of great improvements and fixes. Thank you.
    • Jun 12 2019 | 11:12 am
      I have just updated and my constants in gen has stopped working in Max for Live
    • Jun 12 2019 | 4:04 pm
      @MIKKELM Thanks, I can reproduce some strangeness here, we will have a look!
    • Jun 12 2019 | 5:56 pm
      As a side note, with the release of Max 8.0.6 we have also updated the online documentation, which now includes the Max 8 Documentation as well. You can find the available docs here:
    • Jun 13 2019 | 1:43 am
      We’ve updated the 8.0.6 installers which will fix the issue with gen~ constants. Just re-download from
      Thanks for catching and reporting so quickly!
    • Jun 13 2019 | 3:48 am
      unfortunately the seq bug with sysex is still there :'(
    • Jun 13 2019 | 9:25 am
    • Jun 13 2019 | 9:21 pm
      Just to make it public, this update fixed an issue I was receiving in 8.0.4 and 8.0.5 where my patches were crashing a lot more often. Thank you for putting the time in to review and fix my issue! Thrilled to be able to use the new features again!
    • Jun 17 2019 | 1:15 am
      After the update I experience some minor problems with audio. When Core Audio driver is enabled and I have headphones connected to the "jack" socket on my MBP I can't use touchbar to change the volume (the volume slider from the touchbar does not change anything). Portaudio driver works fine. Also other apps are not affected.
      Does anyone have a similar problem?
      update: hmmm... sometimes it works, after changing driver (Portaudio->CoreAudio->Portaudio->CoreAudio, etc.) a few times... strange...
    • Jun 17 2019 | 1:29 pm
      Could you have a window minimize flag for thispatcher in next version? Windows's title bar is so ugly for standalone.