Max 8.0.8 Released

    Aug 08 2019 | 5:17 pm
    Happy 808 Day!
    Take a look at the change log below and download the installers here:
    Attached to this Forum post are a couple of extra treats to commemorate the syzygy of our version number (we cheated a little bit, sorry 8.0.7!) with this auspicious software release date and a certain legendary piece of music hardware. We hope you have fun with them!
    New Features:
    • chooser: new selectedclick attribute
    • expr/vexpr: fmod operator for float modulo operations
    • Max Console: Copy Selected Text option in contextual menu
    • sprintf: allows list input to cold inlets to set subsequent inlets
    • vst~: 'get' message accepts a parameter name
    Fixed Bugs:
    • amxd~: fixed crash on unfreeze of device (parameter restore issues)
    • atoi: no longer truncates floats
    • audiounit~: improved usage of preferred plug format in response to plug_au/vst/vst3 messages
    • autopattr/pattrstorage: fixed issues with deleting/reinstantiation of objects
    • capture: @size attribute works when there is no object argument
    • Collections browser: filenames with single-quotes no longer throw sqlite errors
    • Create Template: fixed text wrapping in panel
    • detonate / pianoroll: color theme improvements
    • dict.view: improved performance with large dictionaries
    • expr: fixed differences with pow on Windows
    • expr: increased random range
    • external editor: fixed issues with using some editors on Windows
    • Font Panel: uses localized font names
    • gain~: multislider attr is disabled in non-MC version
    • Gen reference: removed duplicate ref pages
    • Groups: fixed crash when editing a poly~ patch or abstraction that contains grouped objects
    • Help: fixed windowing bug
    • hover: fixed crash when deleting an object when @mode is set to 1
    • JS: fixed crash using bracket notation
    • JS: require works in frozen Max For Live device
    • jstrigger: fixed issues with complex expressions
    • live.* UI objects: improve how different mouse drag speeds changes values
    • live.arrows: fixed presentation issues
    • live.arrows: parameter-enabled (off by default)
    • live.arrows: rename idle -> off in enum
    • live.banks window: misc UI improvements
    • live.dial: correctly draws modulation ring
    • live.drop: disabled 'type' in inspector
    • object with property argument observes after id is sent
    • live.text: added blinktime attr and scheduling for passing bangs while in button mode
    • loadbang: fixed hang when triggering the scripting of a new patcher
    • Max For Live SR switching: fixed issues with speedlim, pipe, midiout, LFO etc, when switching SR in Live
    • Max For Live: fixed crashing of some Max 7 amxds (parameter cloning issue)
    • Max For Live: removed 2 pixel border in device view
    • MC object reference pages: removed duplicate discussion tag
    • mc.gen: added ref page
    • mc.gen: registers param objects
    • mc.mixdown~: activechans 1 outputs as expected
    • mc.playlist~: sync output is single channel
    • mc.send~ / mc.receive~: opens correct ref pages
    • mc.send~ / mc.receive~: correct ref pages open
    • mcs.* objects: improvements to help / ref
    • MFL jit.pwindow: fixed issues with creation in Live (fixes some LFO display issues)
    • MFL jit.vcr: write works in the MFL editor
    • MFL midiin/midiout: fixed CPU spikes when two midiin/midiout devices are in a Live set
    • MFL parameters: fixed some issues related to parameters being loaded in abstractions
    • midiin/midiout: fixed CPU spikes when two midiin/midiout devices are in a Live set
    • New Font Panel: follows Theme color changes
    • nslider: alias 'staffs' to 'staves'
    • omx.* objects: restored parameter ranges to signed values and fixed all level parameters with internal "dB" values
    • out~: fixed crash when transformed to MC version (which doesn't exist)
    • Package Manager: can update "extending" package
    • Parameter window: correct text colors
    • Patching Modes: Programmatic setting of presentation mode updates the toolbar
    • pattrstorage: adding/scripting new objects added to correct level in patcher hierarchy
    • pattrstorage: getcurrent and storagewindow indicate same slot after insert
    • pattrstorage: storagewindow properly updates
    • polybuffer~: removed appendempty channel limit
    • sflist~: open message works
    • standalone: respects attributes set in object box
    • stutter~: threadsafe
    • textfield: fixed justification of italic fonts
    • umenu: filter by type improvements
    • vst~ / amxd~: fixed applying 'show controls in patcher' on multiple objects
    • vst~: fixed crash in IEM plugin
    • vst~: improved response to DSP settings
    • vst~: improved support for 64-bit processing

    • Aug 08 2019 | 5:39 pm
      Digging into the release now. There is still garbled font showing on comments using Lato font, the reference tabs, and tooltips in various parts of the platform. I've submitted bug reports on this in the past.
    • Aug 10 2019 | 2:17 pm
      Downloaded, not working on Windows 10. Stucks with the loading circle on the max console. I am downloading another time, see if something happened. EDIT: Most likely a problem of mine. I found an old installer of 8.0.4 and installed it, but isn't working.
    • Aug 16 2019 | 11:02 pm
      thx Jeremy ;)