Max 8.1.1 Released

    Nov 12 2019 | 6:09 pm
    We are happy to announce the release of Max 8.1.1. The primary focus for this release has been fixing regressions in Max 8.1, Max For Live improvements, as well as continued work on issues related to Mac notarization. However, there are many other improvements in this update, so take a look at the change log below for the complete details.
    You can download this update here:
    Enjoy! Ben & Cycling '74
    New Features: • Preferences: ask to restart Max when glengine / translations prefs change (if needed)
    Fixed Bugs: • Audio Drivers: prevent crash if there are no audio devices present • Dialog box: closing save dialog box via 'X' no longer closes unsaved patcher • Embedded / factory fonts: prioritize versions in the distro • Fonts: "light" font types render properly (Windows) • gen~: inlet/outlets update properly while editing Max for Live device • Inspector / parameter window: fixed modmode menu • Inspector: fixed crash when dragging attribute • Inspector: fixed potential crash when selecting an object with inspector open • Inspector: view is refreshed after undo • fixed crash when using a lua file in frozen M4L device • Gen: fixed crash pasting Max objects into a Gen patcher • fix issues with pass effects that require VELOCITY and target object is bound to a material with a texture • fixed file reading from a collective • jit.release: outputs correct signal types • jit.wake: attrui updates appropriately for "group" attrs • fixed @output_matrix 1 crash on Intel_Iris GPU (Mac) • js: fixed crash when sending patchername message to poly~ • live.* ui objects: fixed issues with output if scripted in a bpatcher when pattrstorage @greedy 1 is present in parent patcher • live.object: always pass full resolution floats back to Live • M4L: fixed crashing related to transport synchronization • M4L: improved launching Max editor from Live (Mac) • Max Console: fixed crash after an object that posts is deleted • mc.gen: mc_channelcount updates after chans attribute change • mxj: fixed issues with crashing, opening files, recover edits, etc • Patcher: showontab attribute is now a three-state enum (none, parent, top-level) instead of on-off • pattrstorage: pattr objects are properly registered when scripted • pfft~: fixed crash on patcher close • Ref sidebar window: fixed potential crash • Patching: fixed locked patcher context menu • Snapshots: no longer stores truncated float values • Standalones: no longer unnecessarily complain about missing files (Win) • tabbed patchers: tabs retained when creating a new view • Toolbar: removed extraneous ampersand in "Patcher Windows" context menu • umenu / / context menus: no longer block the scheduler while drop-down list is displayed (Mac) • vst~: correct VST3 Waves shell plugins load • vst~: fixed native editor UI rendering issues with some plugins • vst~/vstscan: scanning no longer blacklists non-signed plugs • Windows dependencies: prefer dependencies that are bundled with Max (libcef.dll, viddll/ffmpeg dlls, etc)

    • Nov 16 2019 | 5:25 pm
      Nice! No problems detected with Catalina on my machine as far - I just tested some old and new patches and everything seems to be fine. I'm very happy especially with all the VST-related fixes. Thanks.
    • Nov 17 2019 | 2:07 am
      Thanks C74!
    • Nov 29 2019 | 4:05 pm
      why do i write my own plug scanner when you put that into max 10 years later ^^
    • Dec 01 2019 | 1:04 am
      vst~: correct VST3 Waves shell plugins load not work still.
    • Dec 05 2019 | 6:18 pm
      Many externals will load. not sure which update this started happening. (last month?), and it could have been an apple update, or max 8.1 .. update, or a combination, but lots of externals will not currently load because "“mpescale”( or some other external) cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified". I then have to click thru every one, hitting cancel to keep them from going to the trash). I've tried reinstalling via the package manager, which doesn't work. It also happens with many other 3rd party externals. I got one to work by doing the right-click, open with max trick, but of course that is crazy for all the externals.. Any help or advice with this permissions issue?
    • Dec 05 2019 | 10:33 pm
      @CHRISTOPHER We aren't aware of issues with externs that have been installed via the Package Manager. Could you delete the Package and re-download to see if that helps?
      The non-PM externals will sadly either need to bypass Gatekeeper (aka right-click or run 'xattr -d <filename>' on the extern), or get the developers to sign them. It is a frustrating situation for everyone involved! One idea is that you could run xattr using the '-r' flag to recursively remove this quarantine xattr.
      In the least, we hope to add some xattr quarantine checking to a future version of Max so we can fail a little more gracefully when things can't be loaded due to this issue.
    • Dec 08 2019 | 5:15 am
      I have a complicated patch that has a pretty heavy gen~ patcher sitting in its core. The patch runs perfectly fine on 8.0.6. On 8.1.1 however; although the patch is launched without problems (no error messages show up in the Max Console) - if I turn DSP on, i get a spinning beachball (the only option is to force quit Max) - if DSP is OFF, I can edit the main patch without any problems unless I double click to see inside the gen~ patcher. In that case, I get a spinning beach ball again BUT the gen patcher will eventually open after minutes. If I try and edit it though, for every change I have to make I'll either get a spinning beach ball for minutes or Max will crash. - while I am waiting for the gen~ pacher to show up, i can see the memory use of Max slowly climb up in the Activity Monitor.
      I'd be happy to hear some ideas as to what might be causing this problem. I am afraid I am not willing to share the patch.
      I am actually content with 8.0.6 but I'd like to use the gl3 package which requires an update.
      macOS Mojave 10.14.6 MBP mid-2012, 16gb, 2.6ghz core i7
    • Dec 13 2019 | 6:43 pm
      @TOOTHPASTE It might be worth sending a sample of the Max process to Support to see if we can help you narrow down the issue. To take a sample of the Max Process:
      1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor
      2. Find the process and select it
      3. In the 'View' Menu, select 'Sample Process'
      4. Copy the result of the sample and send it to Support
      Be sure to send your Max Support Info (Max->About Max->'copy support information to clipboard', and if you are able to share the patcher, we would of course be happy to take a look at it as well.
    • Jan 14 2020 | 12:35 pm
      Should I be doing a Clean install of this update? Normally just dropping the new app in applications and confirming the "replacement" of the previous app works in OSX but I'm getting this notification in the Console: "You are using an older version of 'sfplay32~' (8.0.6) than was shipped with Max 8.1.1." Any in would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
    • Jan 19 2020 | 12:37 pm
      (Absolute beginner here, BTW) I installed Max 8 but I can only find the tutorial files (.maxpat) in a subfolder of "Max 6.1" - and those seem to be a little outdated. Are there any more recent versions available, and if so, where do they belong?
    • Jan 21 2020 | 8:36 pm
      @HOWARD You can get to the Tutorial patches either through Help->Reference, going to the Documentation Home (if it doesn't open to that page) and finding the tutorials there. Each tutorial will have a button at the top of the document to open the relevant patcher. You can also find the tutorial patches if you open File->Show File Browser and searching there.
    • Jan 23 2020 | 1:11 pm
      Thanks Ben! I see in version 8 they are inside the .APP package… I removed the old 6.1 folder and the correct (new) .maxpat files now load.