Max 8.1.2 Released

    Jan 28 2020 | 6:09 pm
    We are happy to announce that we've just released Max 8.1.2.
    With over 127+ improvements, this release focuses on Node For Max (updating to Node LTS 12.14.1), fixing issues related to MacOS 10.15+ (Catalina), vst~ improvements, Parameter improvements, and a significant set of other bug fixes. We hope you enjoy!
    As always, you can download this update here:
    Enjoy! Ben & Cycling '74
    New Features: • coll: added precision attribute for number representation • jit.mgraphics: added svg_set message to reuse an existing SVG object that was created with svg_create; both support loading from file and string • (AVF engine): added seamless mode to the loop attribute to improve forward looping of a complete file • (AVF engine): added native support for HAP movie files • live.* UI objects: added large text field for and parameter range in Inspector • live.step: increased maximum number of sequence to 64 • mcs.tapout~: added mcs version of tapout~ • menubar: added appendpermanent message to permanently append new entry • Node For Max: bumped bundled Node version to latest LTS, v12.14. • patching: implemented pinch-to-zoom trackpad gesture • select: added exact attribute to use float values • thispatcher: improved script replace and added script pastereplace srcname dstname1 [... dstnameN] • thispoly~: added third outlet that reports total poly~ voice count
    Fixed Bugs: • 3rd party externals: warn when xattr is present • Audio Driver: fixed crash on startup when there is no input device • Audio Driver: fixed intermittent glitches starting audio (Mac) • bitshift~: tests for NaN before output • capture: writes to same txt file correctly the second time • chooser: improved performance when there are many items • closebang: sends bang when in subpatch in a subpatch • cycle: fixed mode 1 • cycle~: improved phase calculation when set via float • Debugging: Auto Step gets a check mark if it is selected • Demo Button: goes away after minimizing and showing the window • Doc Browser: search performed on method names • Event Probe: fixed invalid <unknown> display • File Browser: tutorials display title instead of file name • filtercoeff~: peaknotch with negative number for gain no longer produces NaN • filtergraph~: fixed jump when changing q / bandwidth with mouse • Fonts: boxes with mixed character encodings render at proper sizes • Format palette: uses inactive color • frameaverage~: fixed crash when setting framecount • Fullscreen: fixed issues when windows have certain flags (Mac) • Gen expr: fixed issues when fixing mistyped functions • Gen patcher: left toolbar shows + and wave icons for object browsing • Gen ref popup: fixed sizing issues • gestalt: path slashes are maintained (Win) • Help Patchers: redraws properly after restored from being minimized (Win 10) • Inspector color chooser: works after open/close • Inspector color palette: can copy/paste gradient colors • Inspector / Parameters: fixed crash when enabling/disabling parameter mode • jit.dx.grab: fixed format list by filtering out unsupported types • jit.playlist / playlist: append message appropriately does not create slots when an unsupported file is used • JS Live API: fixed follow mode 1 • JS: built-in text editor sized properly when saved in full screen • JS: int atoms from max no longer limited to signed 32bit integer • jweb: js script runs after file/url reload • live.* UI object / parameters: hidden visibility params no longer output after device is deactivated and duplicated • live.* UI objects: automating integer parameters no longer outputs duplicate rounded values • live.banks: improved undo • live.drop: initial_enable 1 is retained when duplicating object • live.gain~: deciBel mode of threshold_db attribute works • live.gain~: automation dot follows triangle • live.gain~: supports stepped increments • live.slider: fixed modulation dot drawing • / live.text: all characters respect boundaries of box • Mac Device input: improved authorization process for audio and video devices on 10.14+ • Max Console: fixed crash when printing max 64 bit double value • Max For Live / jit.pwindow: improved drawing GL pwindows (Mac) • Max For Live / js: properly saves script when un/freezing a M4L device • Max For Live: Live's 2px background color properly set when changing background color using thispatcher • Max Plugin Scanner: increased timeout to 3 minutes (from 1 minute) • Max startup: fixed hang on launch when Verdana font is missing (Win) • mc.gain~: responds to setvalue message • mc.gain~: retains multislider attribute when saved • mc.gen~ fixed "disappearing" genpatchers and audio stoppage • mc.mixdown~: improved busy map usage (checks downstream wrapper objects and turns autobusymap off) • mc.pack~ / mc.unpack~: object argument of 1 makes an object with one outlet • mc.poly~: up and down sampling work as expected • prepend argument / attribute works reliably when input is a list / symbol • mcs.groove~: sync outlet works when there are 4+ channels • menubar: append message refreshes menus • menubar: checkitem, enableitem, and markitem messages update properly • menubar: fixed crash when disabling item with a left parenthesis in a script • mira.frame: no longer grows in size on subsequent delete/undo • multislider: adjusted candycane2 default color • Node for Max: MAX_ENV constants are exposed • Node for Max: process.exit is a synchronous operation • Node For Max: Squiggle example mouse drag is properly calibrated in web interface fullscreen mode • node.script: npm init no longer fails when the parent directory contains spaces • node.script: number 0 (zero) triggers proper handler • Object Action Menu: aliased attributes appropriately appear only once • Object autocomplete: no longer has 3 entries for multislider • Open File: fixed hang when loading patches dynamically • panel: drag_window attribute works for subpatcher windows • Parameters: avoid crashing when enum attribute has fewer than 2 values • Parameters: initial attribute type of integer always outputs on patcher load • Parameters: replace bogus parameters when loading • patcher: contextual menu window submenu shows available patchers • patcher: object action menu lists patcher properly • Patching: fixed issues with patch cord drawing (HiDPI on Win) • Patching: fixed support for transparent patcher windows • Patching: improved fixes for various issues with patch cord animation • path: prevent infinite recursion when resolving an alias file pointing to itself • plot~: display any channel of buffer~ • plot~: fixed buffer~ refer hang • plot~: fixed various drawing issues • poly~: fixed crash when toggling parallel attribute • polybuffer~: fixed crashing when receiving clear/appendempty at high priority • polymidiin: improved note-off voice allocation • pong: fixed precision problems • Preferences: all preferences show clues • Ref Pages: Common Box Attributes textcolor args correctly listed as 4 floats • seq: sysex sequence retains first value when stored or played • sfplay~: fixed sync output issues • sfrecord~: infers filetype from the file name • Sidebar: no longer flashes when opened for the first time • suckah: works when HiDPI / display scaling is enabled (Win) • table: improved support for cut/copy/paste with select tool • tapout~: no longer stops delay when it exceeds tapin~ amount • tapout~: removed half-sample of default delay • Text Editor: all fixed width fonts are available and render (Mac) • Text Editor: font choices limited to fixed-width • timepoint: correctly reports points that are close together • Toolbar object browser: categories display appropriate objects • Toolbar object browser: MC is properly listed only once • Toolbar: shows proper icons after Modify Read Only • Transform to bpatcher: preserves patcher arguments • universal: fixed stack overflow issues • vst~: fixed stack corruption with new vst3 format • vst~: fixed SPAN crash input argument exceeds actual input count • vst~: SoundToys AU plugin parameters are shown • vst~: support for new vst3 folder package format on Windows • vstscan: improve scanning of VST plugins in non-scanner mode (Win) • watchpoints: fixed issues with window action column display • waveform~: drawing improvements • Windows save dialog: shows save:yes/no/cancel dialog in the proper position • Windows toolbar: fix for Max menu bar incorrectly collapsing into a single chevron

    • Jan 28 2020 | 6:23 pm
      Joy and felicity. Thanks for the new release and Catalina changes.
      Any chance of an update to the SDK (current: 8.03)?
      edit: or a Catalina-friendly XCode project?
    • Jan 28 2020 | 6:28 pm
      Wow! From my perspective native support for HAP integrated with [] is big enough to name the version 8.2. You are very... humble.
    • Jan 28 2020 | 9:35 pm
    • Jan 29 2020 | 5:24 pm
    • Jan 29 2020 | 6:10 pm
      live.step and hap features make me very happy! thanks so much for this!!
    • Jan 30 2020 | 1:54 pm
      Thank you for all the hard work!
      I've noticed that the startup time of the application deteriorated 2x (~10 seconds instead of ~5 on macOS 14.6) This can cause issues for exported standalones. Can this be related to "3rd party externals: warn when xattr is present"?
    • Feb 01 2020 | 1:24 am
      @Mindaugas almost identical startup time here with 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 (macOS 14.6)
    • Feb 11 2020 | 6:16 pm
      For those of you who have updated to Max 8.1.2 and have had problems with the scale object, please re-download the Max 8.1.2 installers and reinstall, as we have updated them to revert the scale object's behavior back to Max 8.1.1 for now.
      This is the only change, and a "silent" update, so the version number itself has not been bumped. Please let us know if you run into any issues!