Max 8.1.4 Released

    May 27 2020 | 5:10 pm
    We are pleased to announce the release of Max 8.1.4.
    With over 28 new features and 100+ fixed bugs, this update focuses on playlist~/jit.playlist general improvements, Jitter refinements (jit.pworld, jitter probing, VIDDLL, etc), jweb rendering, and continued Catalina support. Take a look at the release notes below for the full list of improvements.
    As always, you can download this update here:
    Enjoy! Ben
    Release Notes (from New Features: • 3rd party externals: dialog to allow 3rd party unsigned externals • dialog: three new modes (Alert, Confirmation, Extended) • jit.pworld: new object that encapsulates jit.pwindow and a GL context • jit.pwindow: support for texture input without a CPU readback • Jitter Probing: added texture support • JS Patcher / Maxobj: getattrnames / setattr functions • JS Task: new freepeer() function to unroot and mark object as invalid • JS: new MaxobjListener, ParameterListener, ParameterInfoProvider objects • jweb: added rendermode for transparent background • jweb: preference to enable debugging and set port for jweb / CEF • jweb: update to Chromium 80 • package: support installing .maxpacks by dragging them onto Max • Patcher: assistshowspatchername attribute to set inlet/outlet assistance behavior • Patcher: enabletransparentbgwithtitlebar attribute to enable transparent background when title bar is visible (Mac) • patcher: transform abstraction to subpatcher • playlist~ / jit.playlist: preset/pattr/snapshot support • playlist~ / jit.playlist: added duration, durationms to content dictionary • playlist~: added selectionms, channelcount, samplerate to content dictionary • playlist~: autocreate mc.playlist~ when dragging multichannel files • playlist~: implement signal cue triggering / new mapcue feature • playlist~: set play head position with milliseconds • playlist~: signal driven playback • playlist~ / jit.playlist: undo/redo for slot changes • playlist~ / jit.playlist : exposed sfplay~ and attributes • rslider: thickness attribute • VIDDLL: defaultcachesize preference (defaults to 0.5 GB) • Video objects: support for dynamic patchcords based on output type (matrix or texture) • Video Browser: support for Hap files
    Fixed Bugs: • allpass~: no longer randomly removes one sample delay • append / prepend: modernized and fixed 64-bit truncation issue • Audio Status: added bullet style check mark in driver menu • Audio: non-signal connections from MSP objects no longer triggers DSP chain recompile • bitand~: fixed int usage in mode 2 • bitor~: calculates output values correctly • buffer~ playback objects: fixed potential deadlock when changing reference to buffer • buffer~: filetype and format are now attributes • buffer~: sizing attributes change when any change (including sizeinsamps message) • capture: fixed crash when precision argument is invalid • dict: fixed readagain message • dict: quiet mode remains quiet for subdicts • fft~/ifft~: proper help patches open • fpic: fixed hang when loading SVG files via attribute • hover: works on contained components in a locked patcher • Inspector: fixed issues with color picker when setting gradient • Inspector: improvements for undo of non-box attributes • itable: fixed hint attribute • jit.mgraphics: svg_set method works • viddll engine can load JPG from URL • jit.playlist / playlist~: improved drawing performance • jit.playlist: improved attribute exposure and display • jit.playlist: improved still image support • jit.playlist: loadmess 1 can be used to start playback on patch open • jit.playlist: loads project media when using VIDDLL engine • jit.playlist: vol message works when clip is not playing • jit.pwindow: fixed zooming issues when rendering OpenGL • Jitter Probing: fixed matrix probing for video objects • JS Task: improved reliability (Task objects are now rooted) • jstrigger: fixed crash when entering two double quotes in box • jweb: better url path handling • jweb: fixed crashes when using max.outlet CEF js API • jweb: fixed interaction when "operate-while-unlocked" is enabled • jweb: txt & html files render properly • key: fixed reporting of arrow keys when bpatcher has focus • limi~: fixed assistance and reference page issues • limi~: properly constrain release and lookahead attributes • limi~: threshold attribute is now absolute instead of relative and eliminated ramp • live.banks: correctly handle live.banks in a subpatcher • live.banks: more descriptive errors when present in amxd~ in Max • live.slider: fixed mousing in horizontal slider when steps are used • live.thisdevice: no longer outputs preview state twice when inside a subpatcher • M4L info view: fixed visibility of info on mouse over (Win) • Mac Standalone: fixed app store entitlement crash • Mapping: don't draw outlines for hidden boxes in locked patchers • mapping: improved hit-testing of subpatcher views • Max For Live: clicking on a parameter will correctly change focus to device • Max for Live: increase sysex buffer to match Live's limits (256k per device) • Max For Live: reworked warning that VIDDLL is not installed by default • MC: mc.pack~, mc.combine~, mc.wrapper~ protect against > 1024 channels • mc.list~: minimum channel count is now 1 • menubar: dirties patcher when script is manually changed • mtr: fixed play data corruption when triggering play from object output • multislider: fixed drawing vertical bars • packages: verify platform compatibility when the server reports an update • parameter window: fixed crash when adding columns • parameter: improve shortname behavior when restoring devices • parameter: improved ordering output in Max • parameter: initial_enable output improvements for patcher load • parameters: fixed potential memory corruption and crashing with blobs • patchcords: display improvements based on data type • patcher->bpatcher transform: fixed @ style args and memory leak • Patching: 'snapping' improvements and shortcuts • pattrstorage: recallmulti normalized weights more reliable • playlist~: beginning of long sample is no longer played twice when timestretching is enabled • playlist~: contextual menu follows object position (Win) • playlist~: fixed crash when adjusting channel count with audio on • playlist~: fixed crash when loading long filename with weird characters • playlist~: fixed issues when shift-dragging past right edge • playlist~: fixed playback at different sampling rates • playlist~: fixed playback when direction changes • playlist~: improved cursor position for command / option + drag operations • playlist~: improved playhead redraw when using signal playback • playlist~: removed click at end of sample when timestretch is enabled • playlist~: reports errors properly (instead of being labeled as sfplay~) • playlist~: sync outlet improvements • playlist~: sync output follows Max's sampling rate • playlist~: timestretching state is properly restored • playlist~ / jit.playlist: can drag attributes from inspector to create attrui • playlist~ / jit.playlist: fixed erroneous "start" notification when stopping a playing clip • playlist~ / jit.playlist: UI & interaction improvements • print: double-click in console on object print will open bpatcher's window • Project: retains chosen amxd export type • Projects: accepts folder names which are a superstring of the project name • scale: bang outputs last list to be consistent with number output • sfplay~: all attributes are listed (and greyed out, if appropriate) in quickref menu • sfplay~: eliminated repeated audio at the start of a long file when timestretch is enabled • sfplay~: ensure loop range under extreme conditions • sfplay~: fixed potential issues with cue loading • sysaudio: fixed crash when freeing audio engine • tabbed patcher: fixed crash switching tabs in fullscreen patcher with transparent background • textedit: ASCII 13 (cr) no longer adds an extra space • thispatcher: window notitle no longer zooms the window • tosymbol: single symbol can be up to 32K, input symbol can be 4K • VIDDLL: Fixed crash when using FlexASIO and VIDDLL • VIDDLL: improved performance with Hap files • vst~: fixed crash when replacing plugin • vst~: improvements to subname output • waveform~: fixed errors after second standalone build • Zooming: works more broadly across objects (chooser, umenu, playlist~, etc)

    • May 27 2020 | 7:44 pm
      Woooohooooooo! Thanks
    • May 27 2020 | 9:06 pm
      It's awesome and exciting to see that the JS object is actively being worked on, and I can't wait to take the new features for a spin. Out of curiosity, I've been asking for patch cable introspection for some time now, any chance the JS object could get updated to report on patch cables that exist in the patch some day soon?
    • May 28 2020 | 1:40 am
      pworld sounds great !! unfortunately I can't download the file, my antivirus stop it and I can't find how to prevent that....
      Online Threat PreventionWe blocked this dangerous page for your protection: Dangerous pages attempt to install software that can harm the device, gather personal information or operate without your consent.
    • May 28 2020 | 7:59 am
      Great release, thanks.
    • May 28 2020 | 10:34 am
      Yeah people, but when will we get back the full mapping function (including AMXD devices in MAX) which worked (badly) like the first week on max 8.0.0 and was promised to be fixed? :) It was announced that would have been removed for a while, will it ever get thru the max 8 cycle? Cheers!
    • May 28 2020 | 12:55 pm
      Hi Ben, I have this problem with the new release 8.1.4: every time I try to export a Max for Live device (even the simplest one) from a project in Max (not in M4L) it says “method set called on invalid object” and then closes the project or crashes Max. Never had the same with 8.1.3. I am on Mojave 10.14.6 macOS and on Macbook Pro 15” late 2013. Thanks.
    • May 28 2020 | 1:09 pm
      big ups!
    • May 28 2020 | 1:24 pm
      @ALEXG I can reproduce, we'll get this fixed up.
    • May 28 2020 | 4:56 pm
      Me too. After I upgraded to 8.1.4 I started seeing errors when I build , "manage project > Export Max for Live device". Looked like paths issue so I tried to consolidate my project and now Max just crashes after the build.
      The device is saved to .amxd ok but and when I "hot swap" to the newly saved device in Live it's it doesn't work. I have to save the session and restart Live to get the device to work.
      At first I thought it was my project but I never had errors on 8.1.3. Plus I'm reading others with a similar issues here. Thanks,
    • May 28 2020 | 5:52 pm
      Jit.pwindow is awesome. In fact, the JS updates and other new features are welcome. Thanks!
    • May 29 2020 | 2:44 am
      New to Max, so I have a very basic question. I have been following along with the Kadenze course with Max for Live, although having some trouble trying to get the video to work, and hopefully this update helps. Is this update just for Max or also for Max for Live? If the latter, how exactly do I update M4L? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance for any help.
    • May 29 2020 | 5:10 pm
      @BRADLEY It might be that if you only have Max for Live, that you need to download the VIDDLL Package from the Max Package Manager (File->Show Package Manager). However, if you want to use 8.1.4 as the Max for Live editor (VIDDLL is bundled with the standard version of Max), simply download it, install it, and then in Live's preferences, under File/Folder->Max Application, select the Max application directory of the version you just installed (C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max)
    • May 29 2020 | 5:22 pm
      Thanks @BEN! I tried downloading the VIDDLL package, however I get the error "Can't install VIDDLL as you don't seem to fulfill the given system requirements: Max 8.1.3 is not supported you need at least 8.1.4"
      So I think I need to upgrade Max for Live to 8.1.4. However I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing this. As when I download 8.1.4 I get a new version of Max (for which I don't have a license) instead of the version in Ableton. If I direct Ableton to the version I just installed (the new 8.1.4) it will be to a version for which I don't have a license. Is this correct? Is there no way to update Max for Live to 8.1.4 so I can use the VIDDLL package or am I missing something?
    • May 29 2020 | 5:32 pm
      @BRADLEY You should just be able to download and install Max 8.1.4 (you don't need a new license to just use it as the Max for Live editor), which I would recommend. If you have a Max for Live add on to your Live license, you should be all set.
      If for some reason you don't want to update to 8.1.4, you should be able to use an older version of VIDDLL. In the Package Manager there should be an option to "see all versions" of a package.
    • May 29 2020 | 10:56 pm
      For those of you who were having issues exporting amxds, we have updated the installers on the download page:
      Re-download and install over the previous version. This should fix the issue (as well as a small issue with sfplay~ and playbar).
    • May 29 2020 | 11:58 pm
      @Ben Bracken, Thank you ! I can confirm that saving .amxd out of a project is working. Thanks for the quick fix!
    • May 30 2020 | 1:22 am
      @Ben, Thanks for your help. I was able to download and set Ableton's preferences to new version and it looks like everything is working now.
    • May 30 2020 | 8:56 am
      @Ben, Thanks!
    • May 30 2020 | 8:52 pm
      Thank you! Impressive work.