Max 8.3.1 Released


    Ben Bracken
    May 10 2022 | 5:20 pm
    We've just released Max 8.3.1 This update focuses on fixing critical regressions and improving support for newer features introduced in Max 8.3.0.
    As always, you can download the update here:
    For a full list of all Max 8.3.1 improvements, check out the change log below, or here:
    Ben & Cycling '74
    Fixed Bugs • crosspatch: updates when recalling pattr presets • crosspatch: works in the context of a Max for Live device hosted in Live • curve~: works with tempo-based values • filtergraph~: setting 'edit_Q' does not trigger output • Gen: improved help popup sizing • fixed crash on setting name attribute • jit.matrix: doubled maximum size (~2 GB) • jit.playlist VIDDLL: fixed broken UI when jpg image is loaded • jsui sketch: fixed image file rendering on Windows • matrix~ / sig~: improved CPU usage • mc.assign: float and int input delay appropriately in listiter mode • mc.pattern~: fixed outlet assistance • mc.shape~: @mode of function object is respected when @curvemode is set to 'auto' • phasor~: fixed setting phase offset • sfplay~: fixed playback with large numbers of channels • sfplay~: 'seek' playback improvements • sfrecord~: specifying file type and file name works • VIDDLL Engine: fixed image / texture output issues with some still images • VIDDLL Engine: fixed jpg image loading

    • Nick Inhofe's icon
      Nick Inhofe
      May 11 2022 | 1:26 pm
      nice. very fast turnaround for all of these fixes. thanks!!
    • Ullstein's icon
      Ullstein's icon
      May 11 2022 | 8:15 pm
      YUP, thanks for quick fix...
    • Francois Weber's icon
      Francois Weber's icon
      Francois Weber
      May 12 2022 | 8:24 am
      Thank you very much for this update !
    • Adam Verver's icon
      Adam Verver's icon
      Adam Verver
      Aug 14 2022 | 3:49 pm
      Hi Ben, Thank you for this update, which is working well for me, except for one issue:
      I have updated Max from 8.2.2 to 8.3.1 and found out that the header of AIFF files recorded by the sfrecord~ object has significantly changed. The AIFF files from 8.3.3 play fine on many audio players but some custom software packages(written in C) I use to analyze and process the recordings crash while checking the header, while they have no issue loading AIFF files recorded with Max v 8.2.2.
      I am attaching a snapshot of the headers of AIFF files recorded with sfrecord~ in Max 8.3.1 and Max 8.2.2 that clearly shows the difference between the headers.
      Is it possible to switch back to the older AIFF header/format, which seems compatible with more players/software packages?
      Thank you.
    • Ben Bracken's icon
      Ben Bracken's icon
      Ben Bracken
      Aug 14 2022 | 8:16 pm
      @ADAM thanks for this. I'll share this with the team so we can take a closer look!