Max 8.5.3 / RNBO 1.1.0 Released


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    Ben Bracken
    Feb 14 2023 | 6:05 pm
    We are happy to announce the release of Max 8.5.3 and RNBO 1.1.0. This update includes 20+ new features and 80+ bug fixes.
    As always, you can download the update here:
    For a list of all Max 8.5.3 and RNBO 1.1.0 improvements, check out the change log below, or here:
    Happy patching!

    Max New Features

    • amxd~: can have a help file
    • fzero~: ‘quiet’ attribute
    • RNBO: v.1.1.0 update
    • umenu: @highlight color used in dropdown highlight when @applycolors is 1

    Max Fixed Bugs

    • Audio <-> Scheduler timing: improved accuracy
    • buffer~: ‘writeraw’ file dialog is suppressed when file name is given
    • cascade~: works when input list contains integers
    • crosspatch: fixed restoration order
    • crosspatch: inlabel / outlabel have text editor in Inspector
    • crosspatch: presets/pattrstorage/snapshots connections cleared before restore
    • Database: fixed slow launch on Windows
    • GLCore: color attr of can override color of attached objects
    • GLCore: fixed matrix context rendering
    • GLCore: support for distinct face drawing modes
    • GLCore: support for two-sided lighting
    • hi: fixed crash with some controllers on disconnect (Mac)
    • fix default lighting
    • / drawn after fullscreen jit.window (Win)
    • (AVF): fixed output ready/failure notifications
    • (AVF): fixed texture clear
    • (AVF): improved reading and disposing of files
    • jit.playlist: fixed issues on MacOS 13.1
    • line~ / curve~: end bang improvements
    • line~ / curve~: fixed stop after immediate output
    • live.adsr~: fixed decay stage when driven by a signal
    • live.step: parameter saved when set by dictionary input
    • mapping: improved ‘pickup’ behavior
    • Math fuzzy float comparision: misc improvements
    • Max for Live editor: tour suppressed when launched from Live
    • Max for Live editor: update checking suppressed when launched from Live
    • mc.function: fixed focus issues while changing points and values are output
    • mc.snowphasor~: reduced minimum allowable rate / interval to 0.1
    • MIDI: removed CC#0-31 restriction for 14-bit CC messages
    • mtr: fixed immediate output when events are inserted
    • mtr: saves empty track info
    • Packages: Package fonts are loaded on first run
    • Patcher Continuous Zoom: works in RNBO patcher / edited Max for Live device
    • path: don’t return ‘/’ if a ‘boot path’ fails to conform
    • pattrstorage: fixed ‘renumber’ message
    • playlist~: fixed harmless timestretching errors
    • plugsync~: fixed samplecount outlet when used in amxd~
    • Project / amxd~ / Gen: fixed crash when saving after ‘open original’ from bpatcher
    • sflist~ / sfplay~: fixed crash printing cues
    • snapshot~: bang message is sample accurate
    • Soundfile: improved mp3 loading on Windows
    • Standalone: fixed crashing when jit.window/pwindow is present
    • subdiv~: pattern cleared correctly (fixed no pattern behavior)
    • textedit: fixed value sync issues when setting contents via scheduler thread
    • themecolor: fixed notification for dynamic color human-readable names
    • VIZZIE: fixed bang output when texture-output enabled
    • vst~: hide JUCE 'MIDI CC %d|%d' parameters by default
    • vst~: permit 1 channel input/output
    • xctlin: first message not skipped with new channel

    RNBO New Features

    • JUCE adapter: 7.0.3 upgrade
    • JUCE adapter: misc fixes and improvements: memory leak fix, parameter ids, parameter ranges, setlatency message, constructor args for presets, description and binary file data
    • Max 8.3 signal objects: where~, what~, swing~, updown~
    • Oscquery runner sidebar: refresh list when audio devices are added/removed
    • Oscquery runner: use signal i/olet index to map to jack i/olets
    • Plugin Target: accommodate Version Hints
    • Plugin Target: displayname is used for param by default
    • Plugin Target: Manufacturer ID is settable
    • Plugin Target: support for getting plugin name from generated code
    • Plugin Target: support for i/o names, sidechains via Metadata
    • Plugin Target: support for loading audio file data at runtime
    • rnbo parameters: programmatic access from separate external
    • rnbo.remote: support for numeric index for enum attributes
    • rPi target: audio config UI in target sidebar
    • rPi Target: obtrusive error for runner version mismatch
    • waveform~: RNBO implementation

    RNBO Fixed Bugs

    • buffer~: improved behavior of multiple declarations with different properties
    • codebox (gen~): fixed issues with GenExpr expressions
    • codebox: fixed declaring function variables without a value
    • codebox: inlet behavior improvements
    • data: can load files with @file and @url
    • data: is external by default
    • delay: fixed issues when in subpatcher and connected to a metro
    • elapsed: works in gen~
    • fft~/ifft~: defaults to rectangular inlets
    • fftstream: works in codebox~
    • Font: default RNBO patcher font type and size maintained
    • gate: works with no parameters
    • gen~ buffer: appropriately localized
    • gen~: Declaring Delay inside of function scope works
    • supress output when size is set to 0
    • list.sum: returns a number instead of a list
    • loadmess: validates arguments
    • Max External target: improved ref generation
    • Max External Target: log reflects export type
    • number: integer mode truncates output
    • number~: mode state is reflected on export
    • param: @max 0 works correctly
    • patcherargs: allow @args 0
    • Plugin Export: eliminated noise issues in FL Studio / Wavelab
    • Plugin Export: VST3 Plugin uses Pitch Bend messages
    • polyphony: fixed state restoration when setting voices via attrui
    • Raspberry Pi sidebar: cleared up version ambiguities
    • rect~ / tri~: accepts negative frequencies
    • RNBO counter: fixed bang behavior to resetnow and resetnext inlets
    • RNBO gen~: noise operator uses xoshiro 256+
    • rnbo.remote: symbol appropriately changes enum parameters
    • rPi target: fixed crash with Pi update (Win)
    • sample dependendencies: loads when file does not have extension
    • sample/peek (gen~): works with more than one channel
    • send~: enable multiple sources of the same name
    • sign~: works like Gen (in both rnbo and gen~-in-rnbo~)
    • train/train~: box arguments match Max/Gen