Max 8.5.4 Released


    Ben Bracken
    Apr 13 2023 | 5:09 pm
    We've just released Max 8.5.4 and RNBO 1.1.1. This is a maintenance release with a focus on stability and fixing regressions.
    Download the update here:
    For a list of all Max 8.5.4 and RNBO 1.1.1 improvements, check out the change log below, or here:
    Happy patching!

    Max Fixed Bugs

    • curve~ / line~: appropriately outputs bang when last duration is 0
    • function: fixed crash with non-numeric 'setvalue' messages
    • (GLCore): fixed bug with texture copies when quality set to medium
    • (GLCore): fixed matrix color input
    • (GLCore): fixed rendering with normal map
    • (AVF): fixed image loading from URL
    • jit.pwindow: fixed single cell output on loadbanged matrix input
    • output is clamped
    • fixed sync 0 fps issues
    • Jitter GLCore: fixed default shading with lighting, blend and transparent color values
    • Live Object Model: updated docs
    • Max for Live: fixed audioschedulertime calculation when device is open in the Editor
    • metro in Max for Live: outputs bangs consistently when the Arrangement View's loop brace is active
    • pattr: fixed dictionary memory leak
    • sfplay~: fixed crash with timestretching in efficient mode
    • textedit / pattr: last appended item correctly stored
    • VIZZIE BFGENER8TR: basis visible to pattrstorage
    • VIZZIE: fixed "patchcord has no connection" errors
    • VIZZIE FOGGR: fixed dim setting
    • vst~: fixed issues with multiple plugins when one vst~ object is deleted
    • vst~: improved loading speed for VST shell single plugin
    • vst~: partial-scan results are used in fas-scan mode
    • vst~: unique ID argument is used with plug_{format} messages
    • vst~: VST3 shell plugins cache info about other plugs in the shell

    RNBO Fixed Bugs

    • buffer lookup objects: fixed ‘offset’ inlet usage
    • buffer~: can open waveform view in subpatcher
    • codebox~: assigning to a buffer from another buffer works
    • counter: resetnow inlet is hot
    • gen~ in RNBO: fixed parsing error with large gen Patchers
    • inlets/outlets: work in Max for Live Editor
    • inport / param: param has preference if there is a name conflict
    • list.* objects: fixed 'reset' in many objects
    • Max External Target: eliminated errors when data @size attribute is used
    • rect~/saw~/tri~: fixed issues with initial values of 0.
    • RNBO abstraction: fixed crash when editing (MRO)
    • RNBO in Max for Live: starts up only after a rnbo~ object is present
    • toggle: works in a loop with counter