Max 8 SDK: MC Support

    Feb 15 2019 | 10:07 pm
    Hello everyone,
    I'm pleased to say that we have a new release of the canonical Software Development Kit for Max in C, updated for Max 8.
    There are very few changes as compared with the previous SDK. The notable to new material in this version is support for writing MC externals.
    Download here and have fun!

    • Feb 17 2019 | 4:46 am
      Hi Tim, thanks for your ongoing efforts in keeping the SDK up to date. Being able to write custom MC externals is really amazing. My only request would be if it were possible to add a couple more examples in the mc folder. Maybe the [mc.matrix~]/[mcs.matrix~] object to show how to manage multiple MC signals versus a single MC signal with a different number of inputs and outputs. And maybe one example object to show how to write MC externals using the MC Wrapper features. Thanks for your consideration.
    • Feb 17 2019 | 9:57 pm
      Nice to see mc examples have been added. Could you please also add a UI example dealing with multiple touches inside a single object, such as multislider?
    • Feb 20 2019 | 4:48 pm
      @roald We haven't exposed multi-touch in the API yet, though we have discussed it! Hopefully we can add that in the near future.
    • Feb 20 2019 | 5:42 pm
      @luigi I just added the limi~ object to the Github repo MC examples.
      The limi~ object is then wrapped as mc.limi~ because of the files in the package's "init" folder. Furthermore there is an mcs.limi~ version as well. This is done using a preprocessor define but sharing the same source file.
      Hope this helps! Tim
    • Feb 21 2019 | 1:53 am
      Great! I'll check it out. Thanks, Tim.
    • Feb 22 2019 | 8:01 am
      @Tim: it would be nice if multi-touch were exposed in the API of course, but a code example would be just fine.
    • Nov 29 2019 | 11:27 pm
      Thanks for this. Immediate and timely concern: Has anyone authored the teabox decoder (teabox~ ) for 64-bit?
    • Dec 01 2019 | 11:10 pm
      I have stopped using my Teabox a long time ago, but I remember having worked on a gen~ substitute for the external. Can't remember if it worked. Here it is:
    • Dec 01 2019 | 11:25 pm
      Many thanks!
    • Feb 28 2020 | 4:12 am
      I'm late to the party, but yeah, thanks a bazillion, the SDK is awesome. I wish I'd dug into it sooner!