Max 8.5.6 Released


    Ben Bracken
    Sep 06 2023 | 6:02 pm
    We are happy to announce the release of Max 8.5.6 and RNBO 1.2.1. On the Max side, we have a number of bug fixes, with improvements to fullscreen jit.window / thispatcher behavior, among other things. On the RNBO side, this release features many new improvements and bug fixes, with a focus on the Raspberry Pi target (can upload and manage the active patch), new ease objects, messages to the rnbo~ object for managing manual target exports, new integer utilities for codebox, among many other things.
    As always, you can download the update here:
    For a list of all Max 8.5.6 and RNBO 1.2.0 improvements, check out the change logs below, or here: Max: RNBO:
    Happy Patching! Ben & Cycling '74

    Max New Features

    • live.adsrui: outputmode attribute
    • RNBO: v1.2.1 update
    • udpreceive: 'defer' attribute to set message output to the low-priority queue

    Max Fixed Bugs

    • curve~ / line~: pending ramps are appropriately cancelled if interrupted
    • jit.dx.grab: support for outputting at device max framerate
    • autohandle works with
    • fixed dim variable breakage with codebox
    • fixed usage of vertex colors
    • fixed draw errors on visiblity change
    • jit.window/jit.pwindow: fixed visibility in Max for Live
    • fixed crash when enabling/disabling fullscreen or floating
    • jsui: works in standalones
    • svg files are included as dependencies in Projects
    • Max for Live Editor: fixed issues when multiple Max instances are running
    • Max for Live: fixed crash when setting 'is_mpe' attribute
    • MIDI: improved support for multiple devices of the same type (Windows)
    • scala: fixed default scale "B" from 1200 to 1100 cents
    • thispatcher / jit.window: improved manual fullscreen behavior / fixed regressions
    • xctlin: fixed usage

    RNBO New Features

    • accum: added gen~ style features (resetmode, min, max)
    • C++ source code export: option to disable export of RNBO Engine
    • codebox: 'safemath' option
    • codebox: bufferrate operator
    • codebox: bufferRef / DataRef types
    • codebox: imod/iadd/imult integer operators
    • codebox: rint integer round operator
    • codebox: u32into operator
    • ease: new objects a la Max Package (ease, ease.list, ease.listinterp, ease~, ease.xfade~)
    • line: event version
    • Max External Target: set default buffername for buffer attributes
    • number~: displaymode option (first / average)
    • oscquery runner: report if/when a preset was loaded
    • Raspberry Pi Target: add a device to the sidebar by address
    • Raspberry Pi Target: support for cloud compiling
    • Raspberry Pi Target: upload and manage multiple patches (hot swap)
    • Raspberry Pi Target: upload patcher without loading it
    • rnbo.remote: 'launchwebinterface' message to launch web interface from rnbo.remote
    • rnbo.remote: @patchername attribute to change current patch on device
    • rnbo~: dumptargetconfig message for getting the configuration dictionary for an export target (defaults c++)
    • rnbo~: export message for triggering a target export (defaults to c++)
    • subdiv~: new operator

    RNBO Fixed Bugs

    • codebox: allow const values in param declarations
    • codebox: fixed Int cast of bitwise operators
    • codebox: fixed parameter visibility in user defined functions
    • codebox: improved let/var declaration parsing
    • codebox: simplified Fixed Array initialization
    • counter/counter~: fixed crash when adding or removing ~ in object box
    • env2~: fixed an issue with release in hold mode
    • Export Sidebar: improved device add and delete UI
    • Export Sidebar: improved error message when Max is unauthed / authed via Live
    • filtercoeff~ performance improvements
    • Gen in RNBO: parameter with the name "t60" works
    • gen~ in RNBO: title now updates varname
    • lockedphase~: removed (can still be used in codebox)
    • Max External Target: data can use Max buffers
    • Max External Target: overwrite warning references ‘external’
    • Max External Target: refpages in search path are not overwritten by new version of object
    • message: left inlet input always triggers output
    • modulo: fixed round off errors
    • param~: fixed issues when used in polyphonic top-level patchers
    • phasor~: ‘reset’ only resets phase
    • RNBO Object Inspector: shows enum attrs in a dropdown menu
    • RNBO patcher title bar: right-click title bar shows patcher filepath
    • RNBO patcher: argument sets title
    • samplerate: updates in the context of Max for Live
    • silencedetector~: fixed issues with cut off notes
    • silencedetector~: threshold and length options have some constraints
    • Themes: improved RNBO patcher legibility in non-default themes
    • VST Target: parameter automation improvements