Max and Keyserve

    Nov 01 2011 | 11:46 am
    After 10 years of being allowed to manage my own machine at work, the Network Nazis have insisted on installing an insidious piece of spyware called Keyserve on my machine, which has manifested itself by refusing to let me run Max. Mea culpa, apparently, because it's my own licence of Max, and it is forbidden to install your own software on a work machine. Anyway, I has assumed that it was the iLok extension that was drawing attention to itself, and hoped that at least I could launch Max Runtime on my machine so that I could look at forum stuff - sadly not. Max is the only piece of software that has so far fallen foul of Keysnitch, and there's plenty of other things it could have taken exception to, so does anyone know why this should be? I can understand why it might pick up on something that requires authentication, but why Runtime? All work and no Max make Roger a grumpy old git :( Cheers Roger