Max and Windows XP Blue Screen Crash

    Oct 16 2007 | 2:44 pm
    Hello, I have been using max for years but I have a weird issue since I got my new vaio AR that i find very surprising. And I didn't find any info in this forum. The vaio has windows XP media center edition + SP2 + all Microsoft updates, with max 4.6.3 jitter 1.6.3. Very often when I lunch patches related to peripheral devices like my firewire unibrain camera or my arduino (with usb to serial device (FTDI drivers)), I get directly the famous windows crash blue screen. It can be simply opening the jit.qt.grab help (WinVDIG installed), jit.dx.grab help or serial help patches. I think it has to be something related to the XP version (media center edition). And I hope it has nothing to do with the computer’s hardware-firmware. In any case is a real pain in the ass!.
    Do any of you have this kind of repeated crashes?, any comments? Thanks. F

    • Jan 03 2008 | 3:43 pm
      If anyone is interested. These ramdom windowsXP blue screen crashes have stop since i did the folowing jitter incremental update: the JitterAPI.framework / jitlib update 13 December 2007 for windows Jitter 1.6.3. Cheers, Felix