max development in 2018

    Mar 14 2018 | 1:09 pm
    if I want to make a max object these days should I be using max dev kit? is that the recommended approach?

    • Mar 16 2018 | 2:36 pm
      I'm curious to. And i like to know if mingw64 (via MSYS2) is supported.
    • Mar 16 2018 | 3:15 pm
      I guess still C/C++
    • Mar 16 2018 | 3:31 pm
      C and C++ are the choices if you want real freedom. The other options may speed up the development but you'll find yourself in a sandbox where you have to accept some restrictions.
    • Mar 16 2018 | 5:50 pm
      I suspect that Oli’s original question was less about languages and more about the status of the SDK versus the more recent DevKit, both of which are primarily maintained on GitHub by Tim Place. For some reason the DevKit readme refers to the SDK as being ‘legacy’ despite there never having been, as far as I know, any official announcement of the DevKit’s existence (let alone any announcement that it was replacing the beloved SDK).
    • Mar 20 2018 | 11:39 am
      yes. this forum is for c/c++ right? is dev kit ready?
    • Mar 20 2018 | 1:02 pm
      Max SDK is available here:
      C/C++ is still the main language for Max development.
    • Mar 20 2018 | 2:01 pm
    • Mar 20 2018 | 2:50 pm
      My own presumption at the moment is that DevKit is still a work in progress (e.g., few docs) and that the existing SDK remains the thing to use. Perhaps this will change with Max 8, perhaps not. For now I am happy using the good ol’ SDK.
    • Mar 21 2018 | 11:51 am
      thanks, I got the same impression but having been out of the loop for quite a long time, I didn't know if I'd missed a announcement