Max Dial behaving differently?!?!?!

    Oct 02 2012 | 2:45 am
    Hey all, I had a project from about 2 years ago, and one of the thing that it used was these high definition dials. I used the dial object and set the number of steps to 1024. Then I scaled everything down. Basically, I needed all that definition to create an analog tuning dial that could fine tune a range of 2 octaves.
    Anyway, I'm revamping the project. I opened the patchers, and the dials are behaving funny. The high definition ones seem to turn like a midi dial with only 127 slots. When I used this tuning dial, it made big skips in the range like it was not hitting every step in the 1024 range, and instead interpolating a lower resolution.
    I also had one dial that acted as a switch (like the moog register switch on the oscillators). It now turns like a dial, but only outputs the 6 slots. It doesn't snap to each slot.
    Anyway, is this something with an update? I think I did this project before updating to the latest Max 5 release. I have since updated to latest Max 5 with the MFL objects.
    If so, does anyone know a way to configure the dials to give a nice high resolution output? Gotta add that I love the compactness of midi, but I hate that it has bound music into 128 slots.

    • Oct 02 2012 | 10:45 am
      Here is an example of high resolution live.dial with range 0-1024 (1025 steps).
    • Oct 04 2012 | 3:45 am
      Thanks for the patcher. So I'm assuming the original dial is going deprecated?
    • Oct 04 2012 | 5:34 am
      If you choose circular instead of linear in the inspector and take your mouse far from the dial after clicking, you'll get a much greater resolution. But this seems to be a case where the live.dial is more efficient...