Max for Live error 9999

    Max For Live

    Jan 31 2020 | 9:54 pm
    has anyone ever come across the error message: "The Max Function "SaveAsChooser" returned with error 9999: internal error."?
    I've been working mostly in max for years, but every once in a while work on prototyping in max for live. I have licenses for max 8 and Live 9 (using max 8.0.6 and live 9.7.2). I've run into occasional weirdness, but since yesterday I haven't been able to edit any of my M4L patches, or even open the editor. Live just forever says "starting max editor". I've tried rebooting, starting from a fresh live file, starting ableton with max closed, and based on ableton troubleshooting suggestions, deleting the folder: user/library/application support/Cycling 74 None of these have helped. during the various fiddling, I did manage to get that error pop-up, and I'm hoping it might provide a clue.
    Any suggestions? I'd rather not do a full wipe and reinstallation of max and ableton, but I guess that might be my next step if nobody has suggestions. I've contacted ableton support too.