Max for Live + Jitter

    Sep 20 2010 | 8:52 pm
    So, I have a question. I'm producing electronic music with Ableton Live for several years, I was excited when Max for Live was announced, now it's time to use but I don't know where to start from, my objective is to implement video to my performance, not simply stop/start clips, but making real vj show or even producing music clips... But it seems not as easy as I thought, there is absolutly no info how to do that on the internet, and if it is it's hiding somewhere, I'm not afraid to learn a lot of stuff but I will be very gratefull for some directions.

    • Sep 20 2010 | 10:10 pm
      Max and Jitter are so diverse that you can control just about anything with anything else. You just need to know a few things:
      1. What parameters you want to use as modulators (the things that make changes)
      2. What parameters in the video you want to change (speed, brightness, size of a sphere, etc.)
      3. How to get those numbers to relate to each other in the context of Max.
      I would highly recommend looking at the Max tutorials. Not sure if they come with Max 4 Live. I know they're on the web. They will get you more familiar with the program. It's far from easy, and takes time, but once you get past the learning curve it gets easier.
      Good luck!