Max for Live --- Multi FX Unit -- unwanted sound when opened

    Jan 22 2013 | 8:02 pm
    Hi i've a university student and i've got to create a patch for one of my units. I've hit a problem, when u open the effect in Ableton Live, an annoying sound plays when opened and there's no input. But after a while it settles and disappears. And then u can use this patch with no problem at all and get a good sound.
    I'm building this using max for live and it starts in this order compressor, distortion (bypassable), EQ, flanger, chorus, modulating delay (bypassable), tape delay (bypassable), reverb and live.gain
    I've checked this as much as i can and thinks its the tape delays just not sure on how to resolve this. A copy of my patch is below. Any help would be great.