Max for Live Studio Essentials Vol. 1

    May 29 2012 | 5:11 pm
    A free set of tools created for various nVoid Art-Tech Limited projects involving Cycling 74′ Max 6. The first set of tools is made with Max for Live [See the full post at: Max for Live Studio Essentials Vol. 1]

    • May 29 2012 | 11:34 pm
      Great product! Thanks, nVoid!
    • May 30 2012 | 4:30 pm
      can anybody tell me what's the difference between this stereo-mono processor and the one built in with live?
    • May 30 2012 | 7:42 pm
      Hey, there's a couple reasons why we decided to include it in our first release.
      The Stereo-Mono processor is a different approach to a similar end. You could like-wise ask why we made sub bass instruments when Ableton has Operator with sub-bass presets. We answer that with interface and useability. Utility, as well as Operator, are made for far broader purposes, and have much busier interfaces that can take time to navigate (even seconds add up!). We are sticklers for productivity and workflow, and we always believe there's nothing better than having the perfect tool for a specific job. For us, this meant trimming all the extras and making 2 sub bass instruments and one effect, which do extremely specific tasks, exactly as they need to, as quickly and easily as possible.
      The second reason being mainly educational, in that you can take apart our plugins, look inside, tinker around, and learn something new (whereas all Ableton plugins are closed up). It became apparent that we should include our Stereo-Mono processor as we found it surprising how many engineers and producers we know that didn't know the formula to create a simple summed mono signal (all of which are amazing producers and engineers, not to detract from their skill in any way). Knowledge is power, and you never know when a small piece of information can evert a crisis!
      These two little thoughts prompted us to include it in our first release, as the other two plugins were also very workflow oriented, so it makes sense to us. If you're interested in more creative and complex plugins, stay tuned for our Vol 2 of our plugins, as they're geared towards more creative endeavours.