Max Greatest Annoyances #6: difficult to transform (change, re-instantiate) graphical Max objects

    Mar 08 2019 | 10:20 am
    I think this issue need some explanation. There are two types of Max objects: plain objects like ‘metro’ or ’trigger’ and objects which are used as a graphical elements: ‘message’, ‘function’, numboxes etc. Quick example: ‘gate’ is a plain object, ‘ggate’ - is not, it acts like a graphical element.
    When you create a plain object you can double-click on it to transform it to something else. For example: you have created a ’gate’ object and then you changed your mind and decided to made it ‘ggate’ instead. It is easy: just double click on ‘gate’ and type ‘ggate’. But it is not as easy if you created graphical object first: there is no easy way to re-instantiate a message, numbox or dial without deleting them first and creating new object instead. (Or using ‘Edit -> Paste Replace’, which is time consuming as well). Personally, I’m often creating redundant message boxes, which I want to transform to something else. This is why I’m dreaming about something like a right-click context menu to be able to re-instatiate (transform) graphical objects as well.