Max in HP Pavilion dv6 - no sound

    Sep 01 2009 | 11:25 am
    First time I'm using Vista, and not specially happy about it.
    I can´t make max to send audio out. I've searched around every corner, tried all the drivers, all the possible combinations... and still no sound.
    I think there is a problem with the native hp software soundboard. When I plug in the phones, it looks like it changes driver. I see tree different outs: HDMI Digital Out Speakers and double phones (this laptop has 2 outs for the phones) Independent double phones (this is the only one I successfully use with Winamp) when I remove or insert the phones, it changes automatically. I've never saw anything like this, and I don't like it. I prefered the old way of doing this: one turn on or off the phones, still listening to the same thing, and the onboard speakers shut up when the phones are plugged in. This thing seems like changing drivers when I plug in/out the phones...
    Another behavior I noticed was this: I pressed play in Winamp, sound was coming out the phones. When I turn on Max, changed the DSP Status to the (what I think it is) correct driver, winamp frezes the sound (like a boring granular patch, repeating the last segment of sound that one heard), and Max crashes.
    Is there any solution to this? If I use ASIO4ALL will it solve anything? I'm a newbie to Vista, by the way.
    Thank you in advance for any help you can give =D Cheers, and good patching!