max-ish for ipad

    Apr 23 2011 | 4:19 pm
    hello all,
    i had gotten myself an ipad 1, did not pay for it, nor am tied down to a contract with a silly mobile phone service. anywho, much like other ipad people who use max and also ones that dont, have more than likely gone searching for apps for it, amongst touchosc [which is lovely].
    there have been posts before regarding if max 5 will come on the ipad, it just cant, not enough power, and also i guess licensing, though it would be awesome even if it looked like max 4. well i cam across this one app called dingsaller which allows you to patch together to make algorithmic compositions, lovely. its £2.99
    im not the maker nor seller, just thought it would something nice to share with you all.
    have fun..
    lewis edwards ------