Max /Jitter project involving loop pedal.

    Sep 09 2011 | 10:30 am
    Hi there, I'm looking for someone, preferably London-based, to program a custom Max patch.
    There are three parts to this project.
    The first involves emulating a Boss RC30 loop pedal. Because the loop pedal doesn't have any kind of midi action, or separate outputs, it's complicated to use for our purposes. As the musician adds overdubs, we want to capture each sample that he adds as a separate signal.
    This will probably involve adding some extra gubbins to the pedal, to capture the start and stop points.
    The second part is doing some very basic sound analysis of the incoming samples, probably just 'bonk' style. And some simultaneous analysis of vocals for pitch and volume.
    Third part is triggering / manipualting some short low-res video clips using the above inputs. These then need to be converted to DMX outputs.
    Probably explained this badly, but have been out of the Max world for a while. Proper paid job. Anyone out there interested?

    • Sep 11 2011 | 2:46 pm
      Dumbkopf. Should have added my email address....
      lyallmarcus (at)
      Please feel free to get in touch..
      Thanks, Marcus