Max limitation?

    Sep 07 2013 | 2:29 pm
    I was using max/msp allot last year and made some very large patches. I unfortunately do not have access to the full program at present. So I thought to try the demo because I miss max so much.
    I noticed when loading my old large patches that max 'seemed' to have a limitation on the number of objects that I could use? (The demo is supposed to be fully functional,I believe) My PC memory was only around 20- 30 percent in use when it crashes when I try to save. My machine is windows 32 bit, 4 gig ram , latest max 6. All tuned and working well.
    so I thought to make a test patch that isn't all cluttered up, something simple and large to see how many objects i can create until max crashes when i try to save. The below patcher has many sub patchers with thousands of unconnected objects inside, i duplicated until I reached the limit before max would crash when I tried to save. Or max would allow me to save; but when I reopened the patch and tried to save it again it would crash. Very temperamental.
    below is a picture of the patch I made Here you see lots of patchers. ( looks basic and it is)
    but inside each are thousands of metros, buttons, unpack, change etc..
    Is anyone here with a decent computer able to open this patch and copy/paste the bottom two (blue)lines of the patcher and then able to save and reopen? If you can save and reopen, can you save it once more? Does max crash? If you copy paste some more, do you ever reach a limit where max says enough is enough?
    Maybe we can figure out if this a limitation of the demo, of max, or of windows xp?

    • Sep 07 2013 | 7:04 pm
      There is no explicit limitation on the number of objects which may be opened by the demo version of Max in a patcher.
      More than likely you are hitting the 32bit memory limit. What's your RAM use like?
    • Sep 09 2013 | 3:31 am
      Hi Andrew.
      My memory (2 x 2gig sticks) usage with Windows xp 32bit was only around 25 percent and there were saving issues with the above patch around 40mb in size.
      I have just installed Win 7 64bit and max 64bit on the exact same machine and i can now save well beyond that barrier.
      so it may be a 32 bit issue as you say; or XP; or both.
      I am just glad it is not max.
      Thank you very much for your help. : )