MAX Manual

    Mar 11 2012 | 9:06 pm
    Is there a reasonably comprehensive manual for MAX/ MSP / Jitter less than two years old?
    I recently learned Sibelius 7 — which costs about the same as MAX—and it has a wonderful, explicit manual that costs some $40-50, and I was doing scores in two days. Of course I already knew about reading music, the Italian argot like pianissimo & sforzando , time signatures, the names of instruments, and what the final product should be like.
    How about MAX ? I would presume elementary synthesizer training, as well as C/C++/Java, video production, E.E. theory and whatever else distinguishes AV engineers... and provide tutorials for those who are rusty. I realise so much is on-line, but the real estate on monitors is limited, as well as its portability to outdoors in a lawn chair or the bathroom... and indexing is a must.