Max msp and oscp5 in java.

    Dec 02 2011 | 7:17 am
    Hi, I am using java in eclipse(with minim library) and wanted to send OSC packets to a network, directly to max msp. I did download that oscp5, and put that in the project directory... Mostly examples given are given in 'processing' language. Even i am importing processing library in eclipse, there are no usage given as to use it in eclipse/java. CAn anybody please help me out? Like the syntax, PLease. Also, tell me how to send this note?Here's the part-
    private Map keys;
    public void playNote(Key k) { stopNote(k);
    Minim minim = new Minim(app); AudioOutput out = minim.getLineOut(Minim.MONO, 2048);
    NoteMinim nm = new NoteMinim(); nm.setMinim(minim); nm.setAudioOutput(out);
    keys.put(k, nm);
    if (k == Key.KEY_TYPE_A) { out.playNote("A"); } else if (k == Key.KEY_TYPE_B) { out.playNote("B"); } else if (k == Key.KEY_TYPE_C) { out.playNote("C");