Max MSP Synchronising tracks problem, help please!

    Dec 10 2013 | 10:07 pm
    I am rather new to the programme (and by that I mean I have been using it for roughly 8 hours) and am trying to put together something fairly simple following this video
    I'll try to explain this but will probably have some difficulty. Basically I am trying to synchronise two seperate tracks to play at the same time for the same length. I've got the basic layout set up with my buffer~, drop file box, play~, gain sliders etc. I have also put in the info~buffername object in place which when connected to the buffer is giving me the length of the track. As instructed in the video, I have given each play~ object 2 channels, a line~ object and a message to this line object containing [0 1 8000]. I have dulicated this for both tracks and simply needed to input the multiplier for both tracks to synchronise and last the same amount of time.
    This is where I am stumped. I am not entirely sure how to correctly put in a multiplier box for this. I have tried inputting an object with *~ inside. Then I linked the box with the length of the track to the multiplier and I thought that was how to do it.
    Obviously I have went wrong somewhere (probably lots of places) and really need some urgent help to sort this out. Thanks!