Max MSP to Ableton — 2 questions

    Oct 21 2013 | 10:29 am
    Hi there, a bit of a theoretical question, hope you can help. I am working on a patch where Max plays different samples in response to a serial reading coming from an Arduino. I would like to connect Max to Ableton, I tried using Rewire, I also have Max4Live and also tried simply sending simple straight midi messages from Max to Ableton.
    Basically I am trying to achieve the following scenario: Sounds from Max are assigned to different tracks in Ableton. Ableton applies filters on those tracks. Max controls the volume of those tracks and if possible can affect presets of filters in Ableton. I was thinking about doing this by using rewire and sending different channels from Max (using Logical inputs and Output channels as described on and then having audio tracks in Ableton to receive those inputs.
    Many thanks in advance for all your help

    • Oct 21 2013 | 1:43 pm
      me again. the title of my post was wrong :) it was only one question, I guess this says a bit about me being a bit confused... anyway :))) I figured out how to address different tracks in Ableton, I declare the channels from Max whenever I use midiout or noteout etc and then I assign those channels to Ableton.
      This way the patch in Max sends MIDI messages to Live (cool!) Can I at this point affect the volume of those tracks and the effects from Max?