Max Object creation?

    Apr 07 2006 | 3:26 pm
    Hey all. I've made a simple little object in MaxMSP but don't know how to close it so that it can't be opened when you create it as an object in a new patch, basically I want my object to function in the same way that a standard object does. I figured it might be something to do with the 'this patcher' object but I can't for the life of me figure it out. I'm sure its a simple bit of coding but as they say they're only easy if you know the answers. If someone can help me I'll post the object up so that you can tell me if someone has made one before (which they probably have).. thanks

    • Apr 07 2006 | 3:51 pm
      did you look at the tutorials at all ? (with the explanation in the docs..) tutorial 27 for example ??
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    • Apr 07 2006 | 4:22 pm
      Yeah I've looked at that patch.. I've got my object working in new patches and I've been able to create a help file but the tutorial 27 doesn't tell you how to close your objects so that people can't click on them and have them open as if they were a sub patch.
    • Apr 07 2006 | 4:49 pm
      aha, got confused by the subjectline of your email there, and missed a couple of "n't" because of reading too quickly. can't answer your question, but why not hide the object you don't want people to open ?
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    • Apr 07 2006 | 5:12 pm
      thats not really what I want to do.. If I figure it out I'll let you know how since it seems pretty vital to me.
      thanks for tryin though
    • Apr 07 2006 | 6:01 pm
      Abstractions (patches that function as objects) are openable. If you want a non-openable object, you will have to write it in C (or maybe Java).
      If you're concerned about "copy protection" or some such, you can save the window position at some impossible screen cooridinates like (8000, 8000). But this can be circumvented post facto pretty easily.
      What's the problem with letting people see how the innards work?
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    • Apr 08 2006 | 6:38 am
      First select all and hide, and place an active object which immediatly closes the patch after its in front.
      But beware, activate that function only after you have finished the abstraction...
      This will not prevent anybody from looking into your patch, you can open any patch as text and just change the active object into something else. Then it would be openable again.
      trying to open this might drive you crazy...
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