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    Feb 24 2006 | 11:18 pm
    Hello forum users,
    Where is a good source of MAX/MSP & Jitter patches. I want to see what people out there are creating!

    • Feb 25 2006 | 1:45 am
    • Feb 25 2006 | 10:59 am
      to sum up f.e's sentiment: the line is still blurry between DIY software and the art it produces. would dj tanner be dj tanner if he let loose his personal patches?
      maybe (horror of horrors.) creating the program IS the art. (shoot me) or maybe you can still maintain your rockstar status
      That being said. I, personally would find it helpful if there was a more open atmosphere with the more generic patches/abstractions. its not giving up your artistic soul to let your ascii2bitmap abstraction fly.
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    • Feb 25 2006 | 12:05 pm
      no, it's not the question, not quite
      my feeling (as f.e. pointed it) is that each patch is a piece, or rather than each new pieces needs a new patch - the patch is NOT the piece (and not the art itself) but i see it as the instrument: some of the ancient (read "classical") music can beplayed on "any" instrument (think bach pieces) - today it's kind of hard to imagine to play most of the modern music on a different instrument than the one it was written for (cage's Ryoanji on piano?? the trumpet sequenza on cello ??? - ok, I play the varese's Density on Fuzz el. bass, but...)
      so it's not about not willing to show/give the patches (I often did patches for friends) but when asked for a "generic" patch i don't have such a thing.... even if I had a "generic" effect configuration on my pre-max bass days....
      as for people playing my music (made in maxMSP) yes, i have a few pieces now being played by other musicians - I gave them the patches - just like when i write a piece for an Octobass (sub-bass) I give the instrument to the bass player
      not about the rock star status - more about a new way of thinking the music itself
      sorry for the OT
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