Max Project / any help?

    Jul 22 2006 | 5:50 pm
    I'm currently in the middle of working on the main project for my Masters Degree. I'm using Max/MSP and although i'm not an accomplsihed user, i have been using it for a while now and i'm learning all the time. quality program.
    I'm studying an MSc in Advanced Music Production and as i am coming towards the end of my studies i have a major project to complete.
    The project aims to produce an interface and patch to allow the development of a non-standard input to ultimately control/manipulate the features of a synthesiser instrument, in a bid to produce a musical sequence.
    The non-standard input will be in the form of text (maybe images). This would enable a user of no musical talent or just someone with a keen interest to produce a paragraph or sentence of text to be inputted into the patch. The aim is to then use that input to produce a musical sequence.
    I'm not going to get into it here (otherwise this will be a long message!), but i'm sure that this would be a fairly feasible proposal, given the versatility of the Max/MSP environment.
    The reason i have posted here is to pickle the minds of the Max community to see if everybody has any links or information that may bear any relevance towards this.
    Many Thanks in advance.