Max Runtime crashing without a monitor installed, anyone know a fix?

    Oct 28 2010 | 1:57 am
    I've just done a job where I've supplied a patch (built as an .exe) to be run off a mac mini running windows and apparently Max Runtime is crashing without a monitor, and attaching one would defeat the purpose of using the mac mini as it's size means we can hide it away discreetly, which is essential. The patch doesn't use video at all, it's just tossing around samples. Fix anyone? I'm also in the awkward position of not doing the install myself. Anyone had an issue like this before?

    • Oct 28 2010 | 5:49 am
      I had a similar problem years back, and the fix was to plug a male VGA connector to a VGA adapter with resistors soldered across some of the pins - here's the recipe:
      you'll have to adapt for whatever ports the mini has these days...
    • Oct 28 2010 | 9:38 pm
      Alternately, if soldering is not your forté, you can plug in a display-to-TV (SRGB) adapter. I use one of these on a headless G5 so it thinks it has a "screen" I can access over VNC.
      The adapters are inexpensive I think, and used to come standard with Apple laptops.
    • Oct 29 2010 | 2:38 pm
      Thanks, I'm pretty sure that's done the job, the guys handling the hardware end of this project seem happy, I'll find out for sure whether it worked soon, the show opens tomorow. The things you miss out on learning when you only work with a laptop...