max TO soundflower TO multiple airports extreem

    Dec 20 2012 | 10:08 am
    Hello everyone, not sure if this topic has been discussed already but could not find it:
    is it possible to feed more than one (3-4) airports (never used one yet, considering for a project) from Max (as a sequencer) via Soundflower, thus having each airport playing a different track?

    • Dec 20 2012 | 2:00 pm
      AFAIK, Airport Express work by default only with iTunes. To use them with other softwares, you'll need something like this:
      But I'm afraid you can only send a stereo signal (but you can can simultaneously to different receivers).
      There may be other options...
    • Dec 20 2012 | 8:55 pm
      Hey Patrick thanks for your reply. Yeah that's where I am at:
      max (iMac) TO soundflower TO airFoil TO macBook
      but receiving only on channels 1-2 I wrote to the guys of rougeamoeba to see how feasible is to add a drop-down menu with extra input in airFoil Speaker but haven't heard from them. Afteral, if you can receive on channels 1 & 2, you should be able to receive form the other too. If they pull that, NI am still not sure how would that work on an Airport express, we might have to get some ipod Touch in order to install airFoil Speaker in them and its gonna be expensive. Still looking for other solutions.