Max ToolBox B8 : a little note

    Jul 07 2006 | 6:35 pm
    I released b8 of the ToolBox a couple of weeks ago but did not make an announcement because I was going on vacation.
    The main new feature is that you can now connect multiple outlets of a single object to multiple inlets of a single object. This has been one of the most requested feature. The way JS is implemented in Max, I cannot know how many inlets of outlets an object has, for this reason, before doing the connection, the user will need to input the number of connections to make. For sake of simplicity this feature has been coupled with the connect cascade (C) feature. Before pressing C, you can now press the "n" key followed by the number connections you want to make. This works the same as the "o" and "i" keys to choose which inlet or outlet to connect. In the ToolBox window you can now see the "i", "o", and "n" values at the bottom. Not that since this works with the connect cascade feature, you can connect multiple outlets/inlets a column of objects also.
    Please use this thread if you have any questions concerning this feature.

    • Jul 07 2006 | 9:00 pm
      >> Please use this thread if you have any questions concerning this feature.
      I have one: Where's the Paypal donation button? This is the single most useful Max tool I've seen so far!
      (sorry if this isn't all that helpful, by the way!)
    • Jul 07 2006 | 10:13 pm
      "Where's the Paypal donation button?"
      I've been hesitating about accepting donations until the product hits 1.0, but it's pretty stable now, so why not. Link is on the ToolBox page :
      Thanks ! The best reward for me is that people use my tool, but a little extra money is not a bad thing :)