max with arduino + iLok: problem

    Aug 24 2013 | 10:07 pm
    I have an intermittent problem when using an arduino board (via Maxuino to max, with 2 CV pedals on analog inputs) at the same time as an iLok (which is simply authorising plugins in a patch).
    Every so often (after maybe an hour) I get an error message telling me that the plugin is not authorised &/or there's an iLok problem. The patch then crashes. Removing the arduino fixes this (I had gigs with the patch all week I didn't have time to risk crashes so I managed without the pedals). I wonder if the arduino is drawing a bit too much power... Any thoughts? Would a powered USB hub help?
    Max 6.1.3 (in 32 bit mode) Retina 15" 2.4MHz Macbook Pro (2013) (running on mains power, not battery) os x 10.8.4 Profire 2626 interface