Max5.0.4 crash. Seems to be mxj objects

    Aug 06 2008 | 10:37 am
    It looks like this bug may be specific to some action with the specific java objects you are using. I'm using [mxj fibonacci] that came with Max for a recording this weekend so I figured I'd test that object. On Max 5.0.4 on OS X 10.5.3 I don't get a crash with that object (I know its a simple one).

    • Aug 07 2008 | 6:16 pm
      any other idea? any idea how to get max 5.0.3 ? because my mxj object was working fine with precedent version of max5! Just doesn't work on max 5.0.4 and tried on two different mac (but didn't try on windows version). thanks, thomas.
    • Aug 07 2008 | 7:24 pm
      I had the same problem, and downgraded to 5.0.3
    • Aug 07 2008 | 7:32 pm
      thanks for the links! we now just have to wait for the 5.0.5 ^^
    • Aug 07 2008 | 8:06 pm
      If you haven't already, don't forget to send your crash report and steps to reproduce your crash, explanations, etc. to and they're likely to take care of it sooner(otherwise, they'll find it as they scour these forums which isn't always the sure way to get your fixes in, but they are good at doing that, too). (They're also pretty responsive and very amicable with emails.)
    • Aug 08 2008 | 2:49 pm