Max8 (demo) makes bug in max7 vst~

    Sep 28 2018 | 7:47 pm
    hi juste dowloaded the demo of max 8 - in order to run my max 7 I renamed it as Max7, as it is said soemwhere. Then opening REAKTOR as a vst (in a patch which works since more than one year, was often played etc etc) Max console (of max 7) says there is no Reaktor VST - same for the AU (I work on MAC) version... However the Reaktor vst and AU open just fine in max8 (I renamed max 8 as Max8) - which is not even in demo mode (no save) but is "runtime". Renaming my Max7 as Max solved the problem. But are you sure the 2 can coexist on the same computer ?
    mac, os Sierra, max 7 and max8 demo

    • Sep 28 2018 | 8:50 pm
      I had a problem with some AU plugins. Specifically Mike Norris Spectral Magic. Wouldn't load with the Plug message to choose them, but did work from the Plug icon on the left of the patch window. The difference seemed in this case to be the name which in my plugins folder on my Mac all have a prefix MN, but in the plugin chooser in a patcher window they appear without prefix. If I load with a message e.g. (plug "Spectral Dronemaker") they also load fine. Maybe this will point in the direction of a fix for someone who knows more than me... (I had also renamed Max as Max7 but didn't try reversing it... all working in both versions of Max with the load message as above as far as I can tell so far)
    • Sep 28 2018 | 8:56 pm
      well it is a quite complex patch with the plug-ins inside a patcher, so loading from the side is not a solution. The patch was working for over a year, it was written for a piece I played many times (and will play again soon). But the question was more about max (7) renamed to Max7 in order to run max (8). As for now I will take more time before buying/installing etc etc Max 8 - breaking the working patches is not something i feel like doing