Max/C++ or other developer $$woww$$

    Oct 30 2013 | 9:28 pm
    Ambitious and only partially-envisioned project which is probably not a part-time commitment-- but can pay a competitive wage if you are in demand. The general area is probabilistic networks and GUI; I am not a programmer but I suspect a thorough understanding of optimized methods will help immensely since computation times will tend to spiral out of control and I am looking to push dimensionality and keep things real-time where possible... there are other tasks though as well to do with sequence/waveform editing, performance interfaces, signal processing, and other well-trod sub-disciplines.
    Also would be helpful if familiar with: -analog modular synthesis; current modules/hardware, CV management, etc -spatial synthesis (WFS, ambisonics, other??) -interactivity/visualisation zzzzz... -notation -financial markets; rtd/dde, CME SDK (FIX/iLink) :) Attention hordes of disgruntled cycling 74 employees! if it turns out you can help I'll match whatever the fatcats are paying you.
    :::promptly banned from all forums:::
    this posting is ill-conceived and not a joke (Chicago location preferred, remote ok)
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