Maxheads in New York in June...

    May 10 2013 | 10:30 am
    I will be performing in June at the electronic arts festival - Harvestworks with Nina Goede. Improvising to a movie just using the original sounds of the shooting... Later I am involved in Christer Hennix work at ISUUE Project room. I post here not only to announce that, I am also searching for opportunities to perform and/or to do workshops. At Harvestworks we will set up somthing. And I would like to know what kind of interest are there in specific areas of my work. I proposed already to show my way of spatialization and how I create live performance patches for me and for clients. I'd also like to know about venues to perform. I would do it for the hat and hope to get the missing part of my budget for the flight together...;-) Of course just to meet Maxers would be nice too. Isn't there an existing Max circle in NY?
    All info about how to survive artistically in NYC is well appreciated...

    • May 10 2013 | 2:25 pm
      If you want to meet fellow maxers, do you know about Share? There should be some of maxers there, although you can probably hook up a featured set, the whole night is free. Eyebeam will also find some like minded people, but it may be too late to get anything rolling there (most places need a few months to book in advance) Yet overall, you will meet the most maxers at Harvestworks. Outside of that, as you probably know, maxers don't always congregate at the same locations, since we are as vast as the program itself; however depending on when you are in town, you should go hear Ikue Mori play at the Stone , she is amazing!