MaxMSP coding job in Huddersfield

    Apr 09 2012 | 5:28 pm
    Dear all
    One of my colleague has this post open. Feel free to contact them directly.
    --- University of Huddersfield School of Music, Humanities and Media Research Assistant in Music Technology £24,747 - £30,401 Huddersfield Fixed term appointment for 30 months Ref: 6218
    This position offers an excellent opportunity for an expert MaxMSP programmer, with first hand knowledge of music applications, to work in the imaginative development of innovative software.
    You will be based at the University of Huddersfield and work as part of a team with Professor Michael Clarke and Professor Peter Manning of Durham University. The project will investigate the interrelation between technology and creative practice in electroacoustic music by examining a series of case studies drawn from the established repertory. Each case study will comprise the detailed examination of a particular work: its context, technique and musical structure. Your role, in conjunction with the other team members, will be to develop software to model and demonstrate key techniques used in the works being examined and to develop further tools for Interactive Aural Analysis.
    You will be an experienced MaxMSP programmer (including Jitter) and have an imaginative approach to designing software with experience of bringing projects to completion to a deadline. You should be of post-doctoral standing or have equivalent experience in research.
    For further details and an application form visit Alternatively contact the Personnel Office on 01484 472845. Closing date: 14 May 2012. Interview date: 31 May 2012. Working for Equal Opportunities.