MAX/MSP connecting to web server

    Apr 20 2006 | 11:09 pm
    I'm doing a project, and I can

    • Apr 21 2006 | 4:09 am
      What have you tried so far? You don't mention if the text file is available from a URL or if you have to log in to the server to get at it. This will make a big difference in the patch. Probably the easiest way is to use an MXJ to do it. JAVA has really nice network classes for doing all kinds of things.
      best wes
    • Apr 21 2006 | 6:27 am
      If you take the time to provide a little more information about your project (maybe even post a sample patch) users on this list might be able point you towards the right direction.
      Without knowing your intentions I suggest to have a look at jit.uldl. From the help file: "jit.uld permits file upload to ftp:// URLs, and download (to file or Jitter matrix) from http://, https://, ftp:// and file:/// URLs."
      cheers, B.
      --- Bernhard Loibner sound & media artist
    • Apr 21 2006 | 12:26 pm
      Users will write something (in flash) that will be save in a .txt file, in the web server. Then MAX log in to the server, reads the .txt file, and takes all the information, that's inside of if.
      thank you
    • Apr 21 2006 | 3:18 pm
      Sounds like you can use jit.uldl or an mxj object. to do this.
    • Apr 24 2006 | 9:53 am
      I have never worked with jitter... But if you say that it will work, I'm going to try it.
      thanks Daniel