Max/MSP free standalones list

    May 18 2006 | 10:41 pm
    I'm trying to organize a list of free usable patches/standalones.
    It's going great so far, after starting the quest I found lots of toys I didn't know about.
    I'd like to hear from you if you know any other interesting patches/standalones that are not on the site.
    I'll appreciate your comments.
    Thanks in advance,
    Max de Winter Editor @ Studiotoolz!

    • May 20 2006 | 8:50 pm
      Have you found anything so far?
    • May 20 2006 | 8:54 pm
      well yeah, they are all listed in the Studiotoolz site.
    • May 22 2006 | 3:55 pm
      check out for more free patches. I haven't tried all of them, there's likely to be some dead links in there, but there's 48 max patches there to choose from.
    • May 23 2006 | 10:48 am
      You can check my website. IRIN is a micromontage software (Max/MSP standalone). Its free!
    • May 24 2006 | 12:25 pm
      george, thanks for the tip, yeah I've been checking the 411 list.. I think I already have some in the studiotoolz site... anyways, I'll have to double check it again...
      CarlosCaires, wow wow wow, going straight to the list !
      thanks for sharing,