max/msp-jitter visual data to an .obj file for 3d modeling (Rhino)??

    Mar 26 2008 | 5:20 pm
    I am trying to create a patch that allows me to:
    1. import an audio file (mp3) 2. and then create a visual representation of it 3. that can then be exported as an obj file to be imported and manipulated in the 3d-modeling program rhino.
    Any in creating or finding something that could do this would be much appreciated..

    • Mar 26 2008 | 8:15 pm
      very broad questions, but i'll try to give you some general advice.
      of course, the first response is do the tutorials. considering your question involves both max, msp, and jitter, then you've got a lot of tutorials to do.
      1. look at the import message to the buffer~ object in conjunction with groove~ or play~. as well, can do this.
      2. look at andrew benson's jitter recipe articles, and search the forum for "visualizing audio", or some such.
      3.obj is just a text format, so you will have to store your created data in a matrix, then iterate that matrix writing to a text file in the proper obj format.
      if you're interested in 3d with jitter, take a look at (after you've finished steps one and two).
      post back with more specific questions as you get started with the project.