max/msp on intel-based macs

    May 15 2006 | 8:22 pm
    hi everyone,
    i realize this has come up before this year, but i thought i'd check for an update now that the machines are more readily available...
    could someone briefly share their experiences using the current version of max/msp on intel-based macs? i know it's supposed to boot, but how well does it really work, audio in particular?

    • May 15 2006 | 9:59 pm
      hello, Alexandra
      i've only tested some old patches in maxmsp4.5.7-jitter1.5.2 under macos 10.4.6 in a PowerBook Pro Core Duo 2.0 GHz-1Gb RAM. i haven't built special patches to test properly the operation of max. other thing is that i've had no time to install windows on it. perhaps max runs better, as has been suggested before here.
      0. it launches, indeed. 1. mxj doesn't work because JVM can't be created 2. about msp, my perception is that it runs pretty much faster in a pbG4 1.5 GHz-768 Mb RAM under macos 10.4.6 3. about jitter, i believe that some things run faster. other things doesn't work at all. not shure, about this : it's only a feeling. 4. net communications are very difficult. net mxj objects doesn't work and otudp doesn't instantiate at all. the only way i've tested to send and receive data to and from a remote computer is the couple (netsend, netreceive) by olaf Mattes. i'd say it works properly with the restriction that only a port can be opened. when a new port is opened by another instance, the old port is closed.
    • May 15 2006 | 10:46 pm
      I've had pretty much the same experience as jmb... MaxMSP works for me, but not Java. It seems about as fast as my 800 MHz titanium laptop was. Audio works. I would say it's a little less stable, as I have experienced crashes that are obviously related to Rosetta.
      I'm certainly looking forward to the native version, but for now this will do.
      Also, I had complete sucess booting into windows and installing Max there. That code is native, and runs quite a bit quicker.
    • May 16 2006 | 7:40 am
      With max/MSP 4.5.7 on a MacTel the audio stutters from time to time. You can still build your patches but I wouldn't consider it "safe" to use for concerts until the release of the 4.6 version.
    • May 16 2006 | 7:55 am
      Any experience with compiled standalones ? I could live with stutter during development if my patches were okay to use on stage.
    • May 16 2006 | 8:32 am
      same for me, i used max on intel for only a month but did not come across any particular problem. i dont use jitter though, no idea about that. it is definitely much faster.
      hope it helps.
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    • May 16 2006 | 5:02 pm
      thanks for sharing your experiences everyone!
      that should do for now, i'll go and order one of those new macbooks...
    • May 17 2006 | 11:29 am
      Just a question to those who have already purchased a mac book pro:
      what about the are heavily discussed whining occuring on some of these machines? do you experience it?
      thanks Bernhard
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    • May 17 2006 | 3:27 pm
      no. i haven't heard any whining.
      another weird behaviour is that the mouse pointer freezes very often. some extra activity on the pad revives it again. this happens when building a patch in max, but also when writing some text in text edit or other text editors. i don't know whether this is one of the rossetta effects or not
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    • May 17 2006 | 4:01 pm
      well, it does make an annoying high pitch sound but then again, if you had 3 years old powerbook like my flatmate, you ll be swearing everytime you put it under-stress because it gets very loud.
      it gets pretty hot as well compare to the powerbook.
    • May 17 2006 | 9:25 pm
      Yes, it's a screen inverter problem. I believe it is fixed in the ones they are currently shipping. Also, the right speaker is lame.
    • May 17 2006 | 11:12 pm
      With that hot little black MacBook getting released I'm starting to get itchy for a MacTel laptop as well. Any word on how we're doing with the Universal port?
    • May 18 2006 | 12:22 am
      It's going quite well. Performance is much better than using Rosetta. However, as has been mentioned *before*, no announcements w/r/t specific date will be made, however it will definitely be available sometime this summer. Please refrain from inquiring further, until it has been released. Thank you for your patience.
    • May 18 2006 | 6:31 am
      that's actually a feature, not a bug
      go to system preferences -> mouse & keyboard -> uncheck "ignore accidental input"
      banged my head against the keyboard for a few days until i found the answer for that.
    • May 18 2006 | 10:50 am
      thank you!
      never could realize that the solution was so easy! was thinking on a hardware problem or something. what a bizarre feature!
    • May 20 2006 | 8:45 am
      A colleague is using my software, but wants to buy an Intel Mac. This software has no audio, just (timing critical) midi, so stutters would be no problem for me, but what are the experiences with midi ? In Rosetta, can I still create a midi port for other applications ?
      So much excitement, I can hardly sleep.
    • May 21 2006 | 11:30 pm
      My MIDI-only standalone app works perfectly under Rosetta, including virtual port creation and MIDI I/O, but it eats a LOT of CPU while processing dense MIDI streams. 10% CPU on a 1GHz G4 powerbook equates to about 40% CPU on a 2GHz Macbook Pro. Yikes.
    • May 24 2006 | 9:09 am
      Jeez that's hungry. Just out of interest, how do you measure midi (or indeed, Max) CPU if it doesn't show up on the DSP status usage ?
    • May 24 2006 | 9:17 am
      /Utilities/Activity Monitor ? cheers Roger
    • May 24 2006 | 9:31 am
      I don't know how it works for mac, but what you got for CPU usage in Max and what you got for CPU usage in Task Manager on win is ABSOLUTELY not the same. Usage shown in Max is DSP only, while usage shown in Task Manager includes everything (especially UI/graphic stuff). Sometimes you're only 10% of DSP in Max, but your total Max usage should be at 80% !! It happends when you use two much graphic stuff, especially Waveform~...
      I've started to write an external for windows to show the "REAL" cpu usage in Max, but, god, it's a pain in the ass, mixing C & C++. Not for tomorrow.
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    • May 24 2006 | 10:45 pm
      Quote: roger.carruthers wrote on Wed, 24 May 2006 21:17 ---------------------------------------------------- > /Utilities/Activity Monitor ?
      "top" in a terminal window (old habits die hard), which is probably what's running underneath Activity Monitor's GUI anyway.
    • May 26 2006 | 10:48 am
      I'll try top and see if it's a fit more finely tuned than Activity Monitor, which itself is better than nothing.
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