Max/MSP Patch Riddle...

    Jun 08 2006 | 12:12 am
    I have been using this multi-parameter synth but i'm curious of the inner workings. What do each of the parameters, 1 - 10, control? 10 is amplitude. But how about the rest? It's an example of FM synthesis but how do each of the parameters interact? Patch is below... Thanks.

    • Jun 08 2006 | 2:02 am
      The thing that's giving it the really angry sound would be the FMing of the lores~. (FM on a filter is a pretty sure-fire way to get nasty sounds)
      Adding a way of changing the speed on train~ might be interesting. Right now it's doing AM on the FM components at 1000 hZ and parameter 5 is changing its duty cycle, and therefore the spectrum of the modulator. AM can be really useful in synthesis if you know the fundamental. If you set the modulator to an integer multiple of that frequency, you can use it to create formants. (you could make a synchronous version by using phasor~ and >~ 0.5)
      The other thing that's going on is that there's detune delay going on with the stuff attached to 6,7,8, and 9.
      Some comments might be helpful (particularly on the inlets).
      Peter McCulloch