MaxMSP + Rewire + Cubase SX3 problem.

    May 14 2006 | 10:04 am
    I've searched the mailing list for this problem, and I don't think it has come up before. I'm not sure whether this is a Cubase issue or a Max issue.
    I am running Max/MSP 4.5.5 into Cubase SX3 with Rewire. Max is outputting 2 channels of audio to cubase. It runs ok for a while and then for no obvious reason and at no predictable time, the audio slows down by to maybe half speed, and collapses into the left channel only. Only by restarting both programs can I get things running properly again.
    The cubase project is 88,200Hz, 24-bit. I am running the software on a 1.7GHz Centrino Laptop running Win XP SP2.
    Anyone seen anything like this before? Any suggestions?

    • May 15 2006 | 11:40 pm
      not really sure but it could be a problem with your sound card defaulting to 44.1 sample rate at some point, or a mismatch between the project sample rate in cubase and the sample rate set by your audio card. this could explain why your audio seems to play back at half speed. you could try keeping it at 44.1khz 16bit and see if that helps.