Max/MSP Wiki is live

    Jan 21 2007 | 5:00 am
    Just thought I would make an announcement incase others missed it from a thread, there is now a non-official max/msp and jitter wiki for the communities usage:
    "This wiki is meant to be a repository of information, errata, how tos and work-arounds to supplement the documentation and email list for Max/MSP and Jitter. Please post any data from recurring topics in the email list, current unresolved bugs and work arounds, best practice documents, supported hardware for certain configurations, etc."
    I hope you like the header image *cough*
    v a d e //

    • Jan 21 2007 | 7:27 am
      Cool, looking forward to seeing it develop. One criticism, I would make Gotchas into just "common pitfalls", seems more discript of what its referring to. I would really have no idea what a gotcha was.
      Keep up the great work!