Max/MSP/Jitter Education

    Oct 22 2010 | 10:10 pm
    I have specific, lofty goals to implement in the Max/MSP/Jitter environment, and I'd like to avail myself of educational opportunities. I am at a point in my life where I can devote the majority of my waking time (and dreamtime as well) to the effort. I am working through the tutorials, but access to a mentor or systematic learning program will minimize the amount of flailing I may find myself performing.
    If you Cycling '74 board denizens can suggest online programs, individuals, print books, or other methods of ingesting knowledge in an efficient manner, I would be most grateful.
    Thank you, Scott Kellogg

    • Oct 22 2010 | 10:19 pm
      experiment with every new object until you're blue in the face... and read the docs/help files again and again.
      Interested to hear what you're planning project-wise, if you want to bounce some ideas around, email me and we can chat about specifics and advice...
      ...and when you get really stuck or have a burning question you can't find the answer to, your Oracle is right here on these forums!
    • Oct 22 2010 | 10:26 pm
      I have had a lifelong interest in sacred geometry and its relationship to music. I would like to create visualizations based on these mathematic principles, which in turn are generated and informed by music generated by the same. If this isn't lofty enough, I want to present this work in the round; that is, in the midst of a ring of speakers. There is a body of research which claims specific frequencies and ratios can produce healing effects in the human organism. This is the mission and goal of the project: evolution of consciousness and stimulation of the healing powers of the body.
    • Oct 25 2010 | 4:22 pm
      Hey Scott,
      I am very interested in this topic as well. My area of research is application of computational geometry in music composition. I am working on developing techniques that allow me to easily use geometry as score objects as well has using geometry to build musical grammars.
      I think a lot of it boils down two how you map geometry on different musical domains: pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and timbre. You can also represent complex harmonic relationships with computational geometry. Once you have that, you can procedurally model higher level geometric behavior and hear how that effects harmonic relationships.
      We should start a dialog and exchange ideas.
    • Oct 25 2010 | 8:12 pm
      You guys should count me in. I am working on several pieces that use finite projective geometry and non-euclidean geometries as their basis. I knew that there must be other geometric composers out there!
      Scott, I have also recently finished helping with a book that covers programming using MaxMSP (but not Jitter), starting at a very basic level and progressing to some pretty sophisticated patches. I believe that it should be available very shortly, but I won't promise anything - I'll let the authors make noise when the time comes.
    • Oct 25 2010 | 8:20 pm
      That book sounds great. I look forward to working through it.
    • Nov 03 2010 | 10:31 pm
      I'm guessing ztutz is the translator of this book:
      I wish they'd release it already, they have at least one sure purchase!
      Also hoping they will offer an ebook version.