MaxTut.17 Patch:2 Histograms with Table, 2 Questions

    Jan 16 2013 | 1:14 pm
    Dear All,
    1. Why is it that itable doesnt output a "straight line" for it's distribution curve: from 0 to 127 for the X axis[number out] and a value of "1" for the Y axis[quantity of a given number]. According to histo~'s function it keeps count of how many times a number has come into it's input, but then again itable doesnt output the same function...I must be missing something very simple here.
    2. How can i retrieve data from the itable as a list of cartesian pairs, in the order of a list, in the the following format, ex: 33 45 55 34 22 11... and so on untill 127.
    I tried capture~ and coll~ but no luck...any suggestions.
    Thx all out there for your support,cheers!