Maxuino digital button debounce

    Dec 26 2018 | 11:03 pm
    Hi I have a button hooked up with maxuino to change through a jit.playlist, when pressed to move to next thing in list. it is jumping a ton. sometimes just goes to the next movie, sometimes jumps 2 or 3 per click and sometimes get stuck. how can I create a debounce like I would in arduino, but coded in max?

    • Dec 27 2018 | 11:04 am
      If button is debounced in arduino, then it is not necessary to do it in max. But as You ask for it, one can assume that button is not debounced in arduino... If You trigger on button press, You could for example use some delay and onebang combo
    • Dec 28 2018 | 6:05 pm
      thank you that worked great! much appreciated.
    • Dec 29 2018 | 7:37 am
      You are welcome. But it would be much better to debounce the button in Arduino, that would be better for serial communication, in case one transmits several sensors etc, than one wants data to be only what is needed. You could look into bounce library, it allows triggering on falling edge, rising edge etc
    • Dec 29 2018 | 5:02 pm
      well, I know this but Maxuino is what I've been using which just has you load the full firmata script into the arduino so you can't really add any other stuff to it. I was going to just do it arduino and use midi to connect w max but you need an adapter to use midi. I do have a Teensy 3.5 though which can do midi so I'm thinking if my project gets big enough I may just switch to that.